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BREAKING: Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Launches June 26


And now we learn if the series can be saved.

Mass Effect 3′s Advertising Was Never the Issue

mass effect air quotes thumb

EA isn’t guilty of false advertising, because the misleading statements about ME3 were made in previews and interviews.

ASA Rules in Favor of EA: No False Advertising For ME3


And a bunch of lawyers make a bunch of money.

Leaked Info on Mass Effect 3 “Earth” and “Extended Cut” DLC


Just a rumor, though likely true.

The Reapers Invade Game Front’s E3 Hotel


Don’t believe us? Watch the video!

RUMOR – Mass Effect Coming to Wii U (CONFIRMED)


Is Bioware headed to Nintendo’s new console?

BioWare To Sell Awesome, Fan-Designed Mass Effect Hoodies


And there was much rejoicing.

Comment Of The Week: Call Of Duty: Mass Ops 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty, now with three colors of patriotism.

Game Front’s (Completely Accurate) E3 Predictions


Look into our crystal ball

Lance Henriksen Is Recording Dialogue For New ME3 Ending


But they said it would only clarify the ending?

Diablo 3′s Botched Launch: 3 Reasons Gamers Should Care


Face it: gamers should be entitled to a decent game at launch.

The Gamer Rebellion


Consumers are pushing back, and it feels good.

Yet Another Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Discovered.



Videogames: Loving the Art, Hating the Business


Hate because you love and love because you hate.

EA Seeking Your Feedback about Origin


Don’t ask Gabe Newell for his opinion.

Fake Trailer Suggests a Mass Effect Movie Could Be Awesome (VIDEO)

mass effect live action trailer thumb

So maybe a live-action Mass Effect movie *wouldn’t* be a terrible idea.

Mass Effect 3 Operations Now Open to PS3 Players


Unlock: PS3 access.

Comment of the Week: Mass Effect 3′s Ending Isn’t BAD — It’s WRONG


An insightful theory from The Doctor.

Retake Community to Send a Message With Mass Effect On/Off Event

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Fans hope to use Origin to demonstrate their commitment to single-player gaming and Mass Effect’s ending change.

New Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend


Operation Exorcist. Spooky.

Malukah Sings Awesome Mass Effect Tribute Track (VIDEO)

mass-effect-2-screenshot thumb

Watch this.

Mass Effect 3 Dropped to $30 on All Platforms Today Only at Amazon


Half price seems fair for a bad ending.

Dark Souls on PC Shows the Power of Gamer Communities

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When gamers get together and publishers are willing to listen and work with them, good things can happen. Take note.

Valve on Origin: “I Don’t Think They’re Doing Anything Super-Well Yet”


EA has “a lot of work to do” on Origin.

EA Borgifying All Brands Into ‘Online Universes’


Tick tock, fans of a certain Canadian developer. Tick Tock.

Watch The Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Teaser


Note: Anime may not contain terrible ending.

Child’s Play Confirms Only ‘Handfull’ Of ME3-Related Refunds


This is not surprising at all.

BioWare Says Sony Won’t Let It Run Multiplayer Challenges on PSN

mass effect 3 multi 1 thumb little

It’s Sony’s fault you can’t participate in the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer promotions on Playstation 3.

Play Mass Effect 3 This Weekend, Get Bonus XP and New Character


Operation Resurgence.

Mass Effect 3 Face Import Patch Crashing The Game


Whah Whaaaaah (muted trumpet).

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