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PSA: Mass Effect 3 Face Import Bug Fixed


No, it doesn’t fix the ending import bug.

Fan-Made Alternate Mass Effect 3 Trailer Is THE BEST


It really, really is.

BioWare May Already Be Retconning Mass Effect 3′s Ending

mass effect galaxy ruined mass relays thumb

Tweets from BioWare seem to contradict the ending story as we have come to know it.

Mass Effect 3 Ending: Change Could Have Empowered Game Writing

mass effect air quotes thumb

No, vocal fans convincing a developer to change its game would not have ruined writing for all eternity.

Mass Effect 3 Ending Parody Song: Get Master Chief to Help (VIDEO)

mass effect parody terence thumb

Master Chief could probably kill all the Reapers himself.

Is “Clarification” DLC Enough for ME3? Forum Poll Says No



PAX East Day 1: In Pictures


Check out the sights of Game Front’s first day at PAX East!

ME3 PAX Panel: BioWare Offers Few Details, Lots of Speculation


At the BioWare Mass Effect 3 panel earlier this afternoon at PAX East, a team of BioWare’s best and brighest…

Fans React: ‘Optimistic,’ ‘Infuriated’ over Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC

mass effect 3 stargazer thumb

Some fans are willing to wait and see what BioWare offers in its “extended” ending; others feel the battle is lost.

PAX East: Mass Effect 3 Panel Line is Long Indeed (PIC)


The line goes ever on…

Build a PC Rig at PAX East, and Take it Home?!


One rig to rule them all.

Free Mass Effect 3 “Resurgence” Multiplayer DLC Coming April 10


It will be free to download!

Twitch TV is Live-Streaming a Bunch of PAX East Panels this Weekend


It’ll be like you’re really there. Minus the stench of nerds and Cheetos.

Is EA’s DLC Worse than Illegal Foreclosure?


EA becomes the worst company in America, and the world is destroyed.

EA Says Anti-Gay Letter Campaign Won’t Influence Game Design

shepard cortez thumb

Publisher calls letter-writing campaign “political harassment.”

Aliens: Colonial Marines Writer: Players Have ‘No Right’ To Petition Endings

colonial marines 1 thumb

He’s talking about Mass Effect 3, guys.

Massive Amazon PC Game Sale


It rivals Steam.

BREAKING: BioWare Makes Mass Effect 3 Ending Change DLC Official


Mark your calendars.

Jennifer Hale Hasn’t Been Called In For New Mass Effect 3 Ending. Yet.


This might not mean much, but it’s not a good sign.

The Mass Effect 3 Ending Change: How Bioware Can Get it Right


Our handy guide to not screwing up the ending… twice, that is.

Average Game Developer Salary is $81,192, According to Annual Survey


Looking for a new job?

Favorite Mass Effect Moments


These are our favorites; what are yours?

Notch Inaugurates April Fools’ With Mojang’s Next Big Game: Mars Effect


This might be related to April Fools Day

How To Use the Mass Effect 2 Save Editor


Missing your favorite NPC from Mass Effect 2? We’ve got you covered.

Why New Consoles Are Good For PC Gamers


An optimistic take on the future of gaming hardware.

Another ME3 N7 Bounty Weekend; 10% XP Bonus


That’s a 15% drop since last weekend…

CD Projekt: Game Choices Should Be “Meaningful and Really Important”


We hope certain other people are paying attention.

Retake Mass Effect Trolls BioWare with Cupcakes


Delicious revenge!

Why Changing Mass Effect’s Ending Won’t Compromise Art


Like the ending or hate it, BioWare’s decision to change it doesn’t compromise art, it strengthens it.

Full Paragon Gives Mass Effect Fans a Charity Without Retake Involvement

full paragon thumb

After the Child’s Play drive ended at $80,000 raised, a new charity drive gives Mass Effect fans a positive outlet

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