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Mass Effect 2 Save Editor (DOWNLOAD)


Alter your save to have a different Mass Effect 3 experience!

Retake Mass Effect Fundraiser: Why Child’s Play Shut it Down

fem shep hold the line thumb

The protest movement’s fundraiser is closed after widespread confusion and backlash over Child’s Play’s role.

Play in Mass Effect 3′s N7 Bounty Weekend and Earn +25% XP!


It’s difficult to refuse a discount.

Mass Effect 3 Face Import Issues Fix Coming Next Patch


Let’s call it the Face Lift Patch.

PSA: Do Not Download Fake Alternate Ending To Mass Effect 3


Because it’s completely fake and scammy.

How Mass Effect 3 Protesters Raised $80K for Charity

retakeme3sovietposter1 thumb

Members of the BioWare Social Network forum community have focused ending backlash on charity.

Did a Mass Effect 3 Writer Slam The Ending?


It seems so, and he’s probably in a lot of trouble.

Mass Effect 3 Ending Outrage Makes BioShock Creator Sad


He should play WoW, because he’s a sad panda.

BioWare: We Won’t Respond to “Destructive” Mass Effect 3 Controversy


Destructive ME3 commentary? Has anyone seen any of that?

BioWare Was “Genuinely Surprised” by Reaction to ME3 Ending


Playing dumb, are we?

Ray Muzyka’s Statement Basically Confirms Future Mass Effect Game Plans

mass effect legion thumb

Beyond the ending and the DLC, sounds like there’s more Mass Effect coming.

BREAKING: BioWare To Address ME3 Ending via April DLC


No, we are not kidding. We still don’t know what this means just yet.

Re-Dubz 17: The Real (Fake) Endings of Mass Effect 3 (VIDEO)

mass effect 3 reaper landing thumb

James analyzes the endings of Mass Effect 3 and spoils everything.

Fans Write Comprehensive Take On The ME3 Ending’s Logic Problems


It’s as funny as it is depressingly true.

Fan Files FTC Complaint Against EA Over Mass Effect 3 Ending


We knew this would happen.

BioWare: We ‘Have Not Made a Decision’ on Mass Effect 3′s Ending Change Requests

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BioWare is growing more vocal on the subject of ME3′s ending, but still isn’t saying anything substantial.

Casey Hudson Makes Official Statement On Mass Effect 3 Ending


Don’t get your hopes up. But don’t give up just yet, if you’re hoping for a better ending, we mean.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Started Life As A First Person Shooter



Mass Effect 3 PC Review: Prettier, But Pretty Much the Same


Choosing between the PC and console versions comes down to whether you prefer a gamepad or a keyboard.

EA Releases Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Stats, Runs a Contest Through Weekend

mass effect 3 multiplayer stats thumb

Kill Reapers, get rewarded from now till Monday.

Mass Effect 3 Ending: Analyzing The Indoctrination Theory

mass effect saren indoctrinated thumb

We think deeply about a fan-suggested theory about Mass Effect 3′s ending, and why it might and might not be true.

GAME Loses Microsoft and Activision, Circles Drain


This is the business equivalent of having an appeal hearing rejected.

EA Slaps Mass Effect 3 Codex into a Free iOS App

mass effect galaxy at war thumb

Hook back into the Mass Effect universe from your phone, and increase your War Readiness.

BioWare Investigating Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Weapon Relock Issue

mass effect 3 multi 1 thumb little

Some players are losing items they’ve purchased.

BioWare Issues First Official Comment On Mass Effect 3 Ending


But we’ll have to wait a bit longer to know what they’re going to do.

Breaking: Giant Bomb Acquired by GameSpot Owner CBS

giantbomb thumb

Will corporate ownership change GiantBomb?

RUMOR: Mass Effect 3 DLC ‘The Truth’ Due In April (UPDATED)


We guarantee this is probably baloney.

Videogame Reviews Aren’t the Exciting Spy Thrillers You Want Them to Be


I’m Jim Sterling, not James Bond

Casey Hudson Finally Talks About Mass Effect 3 Ending. Uh Oh.


It’s probably time to fire up KOTOR and remember when…

Rumors Of Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Explode On The Extranet


Alas, that’s ‘multiplayer’, not ‘ending’.

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