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Casey Hudson Confirms Drew Karpyshyn Isn’t Mass Effect 3 Lead Writer


EVERYBODY PANIC! Or, maybe not.

For Labor Day: The 5 Hardest Working Video Game Characters


We break down a who’s who of gaming characters who really deserve a holiday in their honor.

The Citadel Will Be Explorable Again In Mass Effect 3


Or so Casey Hudson tweets.

PAX 2011: The Art Of The Mass Effect Universe Announced


Completionists beware: The reapers are coming for your pocketbooks.

Retro Rewind: Gears of War


We revisit the Xbox classic in anticipation of Gears of War 3.

Sword of the Stars II – Gamescom 2011 Opening Cinematic Trailer


Get ready for some creepy, resentful space monsters!

The Top 5 Most Devastating Viruses in Video Game History


Better hope you got your vaccinations because it’s about to get coughy up in here.

Be Awed By This Mass Effect 2 Garrus Costume (Video)


It has both reach and flexibility. Video inside.

Memorial Day List – 5 Video Games About The Ultimate Sacrifice


How video games have paid tribute to the sacrifices made by soldiers (spoilers).

May 21st PSA: 5 Video Games To Help You Survive The End Of The World


Read this NOW if you want to have any chance of making it through May 21 in one piece!

The 10 Dirtiest Cops In Video Games


Here’s 10 coppers that would make poor Cole Phelps Cry.

Mass Effect Genesis Comic Now Available on Xbox 360


For the lazy sons of bitches out there.

Thoughts On New Mass Effect 3 Details(SPOILERS!)

mass effect 3 thumb

There will be spoilers in this post. Please don’t click if you don’t enjoy me not caring about people whining that we spoiled these details.

10 Video Game Characters Who Would Make The Worst Roommates Ever


West Side Rentals and Craig’s List can’t help you now.

Yup, We’re Getting a Mass Effect Anime Movie

mass_effect thumb

Whether we want it or not.

More Mass Effect Comics Are Coming


Your Milage May Vary on how awesome this news is.

I’d Rather You Didn’t Play ME2 Without Mass Effect


Seriously, you just can’t imagine what you are missing.

10 Christmas-Themed Game Spinoffs


Puns abound in this list!

GameFront 2011: What We Hope To See In Gaming In the Coming Year


We’re shooting for the stars, here, and none of this s–t is going to happen, but let us hope, damn you.

Gifts for Gamers – Random Stuff Gamers Will Love

belt buckle

Not every gift for gamers needs to be a game. The GameFront staff round up our favorite random non-game gifts for gamers.

Source: New Mass Effect is a Multiplayer Game, Not ME3


This would be a spin-off.

As Far As I’m Concerned, This is the Be-All End-All of Cosplay



Bioware Streaming PAX Booth Live on Ustream

dragon age 2

Watch as people there have fun milling about in a crowd near lots of marketing posters!

Mass Effect 1 Not Coming to PS3


Or so EA says.

Mass Effect 3 Carries Over 1,000 Variables from Mass Effect 2


1,000 is a large number.

Mass Effect Comic Get Graphic Novel Treatment

Did you hold out on Mass Effect: Redemption because comic books cost too damn much? ($3.99? For right minutes or…

A Mass Effect Movie Is Happening

Production house Legendary Pictures, the folks behind The Dark Knight and 300 among other big-ass tentpoles, has picked up the…

EA’s Spore SecuROM Targeted as Whole in New Class-Action Suit

Electronic Arts is being targeted by another class-action law suit over the DRM included with Spore, SecuROM. This time, California…

The Good, The Bad and The Boring of RPGs

All modders and aspiring developers out there should pay close attention to a new article up on Blend Games. The…

You Can Only Install Mass Effect on PC Three Times

It looks like the controversial DRM for the PC version of Mass Effect is rearing its ugly head once more….

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