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SWTOR: Novare Coast Preview


Welcome to the Galaxy Far Away’s version of Omaha beach.

PAX East: TERA Ovoliths Are Big. Seriously.


Enjoy the lithness.

TERA ‘Argons’ Screenshots Are Appropriately Villainous

Argons (7)thumb

Evil magical enemies, inside!

PAX East: Neverwinter Screenshots Have Infinite Charisma, Hitpoints


Click inside for a close look at the upcoming D&D MMORPG, and revel in the medieval fun.

Cryptic Drops New Trailer for MMO Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter (TRAILER)

neverwinter thumb

More stuff on Cryptic’s free-to-play title at PAX East 2012.

Blizzard Says 100,000 Pandaria Beta Keys Coming to WoW Annual Pass Holders

mists of pandaria scenarios thumb

Be patient, says Blizzard.

Firefox Creator Shows Off Tech Demo MMO Browserquest

BrowserQuest thumb

You can check it out in most any browser on most any device.

Whoa — Mists of Pandaria Beta is Live!

mists of pandaria pandaren 4 thumb

It begins.

All Kinds of New Mists of Pandaria Images (GALLERY)

Shen-zin_Su_turtle_of_the_Wandering_Isle small thumb

See more of Pandaria than ever before.

Blizzard Rolls Out World of WarCraft’s Female Pandaren Player Model (PICS)

Female Pandaren Concept small thumb

Finally, we get to see what girl pandas will look like.

BioWare Has At Least Thought About Mass Effect MMO Possibilities

mass effect 3 husks thumb

BioWare’s founders say an MMO would be “daunting,” but also “interesting.”

Guild Wars 2 Kills Queues With Overflow Servers

guildwars2 thumb

Play while you wait to play — it’s brilliant.

Playstation Exclusive MMOFPS Dust 514 Will Include Mouse and Keyboard Support

dust 514 thumb

This might be a bit unfair to the Playstation controller fans.

SWTOR Patch 1.1.1 is Live — Here Are the Changes

old republic thumb

Hooray, bug fixes.

NCsoft Lawsuit Working to Block TERA’s Release in U.S.

tera thumb

NCsoft claims former employees who went to Bluehole Studio stole assets from the company to create TERA.

SWTOR Alters the Deal, Prevents Users from Unsubscribing

lando vader thumb

Pray they don’t alter it further. They could just fill the game with gungans.

Analyst Says EA Invested $500 Million into Star Wars: The Old Republic

old republic light dark thumb

I don’t think I believe that.

Star Wars: The Old Republic “Final” Review – Part (3/3)


Our final verdict on TOR: C-3PO gold, or a pile of sith?

BioWare Details SWTOR Legacy System, Lets You Make Your Characters Related

leia kisses luke thumb

Turn your Jedi main and alt characters into siblings, the have one of them marry a smuggler. If you’d rather kiss a wookiee, we can arrange that.

BioWare Responds to Eurogamer’s SWTOR Review, Depiction As ‘Competent But Not Innovative’

old republic thumb

Just because it stays true to the rest of the MMORPG genre doesn’t mean Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t innovative, James Ohlen says.

Seduced by the Light Side: Playing a Light Sith in a Dark Sith World

old republic light dark thumb

It’s tough being a neutral Sith Lord in Star Wars: The Old Republic

You Can Dance If You Want To In SWTOR, and It Might Save Your Life (VIDEO)


The /getdown exploit interrupts enemies and keeps you alive, but don’t expect it to last.

Shut Up About SWTOR vs. WoW Already

darth vader riding a chipmunk 1 thumb

It’s fine if you want to compare things about the games that make sense, but stop bitching that SWTOR isn’t WoW, please.

Sounds Like Lots of New Content Due for LotRO in 2012

lotr online gap of rohan thumb

The game’s producer promises more content than at any other time in the game’s five-year history.

Wakfu’s Open Beta Stars on Jan. 4 — Get Ready

wakfu thumb

Sober up and prepare to join.

Star Wars: The Old Republic — GameFront Impressions (Part 2)


Impressive… most impressive.

Mobile MMO Star Legends Will Be Google Chrome’s First Multiplayer, 3-D Game

star legends thumb

Bite-sized mobile MMORPG coming to a web browser near you. And you can play with people who play on their phones.

Forsaken World’s Storms of War Expansion Includes Lots of Monsters to Magic (TRAILER)

forsaken world thumb

New enemies to kill!

Felicia Sets a Lot of Things on Fire in Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes (TRAILER)

warhammer online felicia thumb

That’s a whole lot of flaming death.

There’s a Secret War Going On in The Secret World (TRAILER)

secret world 2 thumb

Secret societies, secret monsters and secret…uh…squirrels. Okay, not that last part.

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