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Amazon Pulls SimCity From Store As Server Issues Persist

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It seems server issues are causing serious fan dissatisfaction, so Amazon is no longer selling SimCity.

SimCity Patch Disables Features: Cheetah Speed and Achievements


Several of SimCity’s key social features have been disabled.

Where Is GameFront’s SimCity Review?


Short answer: It’s coming soon, but not too soon.

SimCity Creative Director Justifies The Game’s Always-Online Requirement


Ocean Quigley can say what he likes about SimCity’s always-online requirement, but will the fans listen?

Maxis’ SimCity Reddit AMA Backfires Hilariously


All is well with the universe. ALL.

Sim City To Launch March 5, 2013


This may or may not interest you.

SimCity Dev Walks You Through Starting a City (VIDEO)

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Get a little city-building 101 with this video.

Kip Katsarelis: SimCity Made “From The Ground Up” For Multiplayer

sim city featured

He also explained how co-op will help players fight crime.

Clarification: Sim City 5 DRM Sucks Slightly Less Than We Thought


This isn’t really an improvement.

Sim City 5 Won’t Support Mods, Will Require Persistent Internet


So it will suck, in other words.

Holy Cit! Check Out The New Sim City’s Glassbox Engine


Even for a non gameplay video, it’s pretty.

EA Maxis is Announcing a New Game at GDC 2012 — Could It Be Sim City 5?


Here’s hoping.

EA Maxis is Announcing a New Game at GDC 2012 — Could It Be Sim City 5?

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Here’s hoping.

Darkspore Launch Trailer (Video)


This jam is strictly for the PC gamers in the house. Aw yeah.

Darkspore Walkthrough

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Get all the Darkspore strategy you can handle with our full walkthrough.

Darkspore Cheats

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Make your spores into more than cannon fodder with our Cheats rundown.

SimMars Beta 3 Released


SimCity 4 on Mars. Is this a great idea, or the greatest idea?

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