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Meet All the Numbers in New Mighty No. 9 GDC Video


Keiji Inafune: “Give me $900,000 and I’ll make a new Mega Man. Only I can’t call it Mega Man because…

Watch Iron Man Remade as an 8-Bit Game


Iron Man is a perfect fit for Mega Man.

In Honor Of Dark Souls: The 10 Most Difficult Games In Video Game History


Our definitive guide to the games that taught you how to use the f-word.

Mega Man Cup Art (IMAGE)

megaman in cups

This is called using the ole noggin.

10 Ill-Advised Video Game Tattoos (LIST)

game over

Hey, this may not the most original post ever, but then again, every day someone gets a new bad tattoo. Here are 10 of worst.

Mega Man Universe Gameplay Video


Latest Mega man looks somewhat familiar and includes “Bad Box Art Mega Man”

Capcom Announces Mega Man Universe


That headline is so wildly unimaginative because, like I said before, I’m sick today and am by default wildly unimaginative…