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Kojima Wants Metal Gear Solid To Continue After He’s Dead


Of course MGS would plague us forever.

Kojima Announces Game He Can’t Talk About


What is that?

Metal Gear Solid: Rising Still Planned for 2012

mgs rising

Nothing to see here…

40 Wondercon 2011 Cosplayers (pics)



iTunes, Game Prices, and Publisher Arrogance


How indie devs are humiliating publishers thanks to the mobile market.

Rumor: Metal Gear Solid Hits (Slices?) in 2012


[joke about the end of the world being tied to a Metal Gear Solid game coming out on 360]

Raiden is in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood


Oh Jesus Christ.

Metal Gear Solid: Risin’ Will Stand On Its Own


You won’t have to read the Metal Gear Solid Encyclopedia to follow the story, I mean.

Hideo Kojima May Not Be Done Overwriting MGS Games

Look, I love me some Metal Gear Solid, but I don’t love Kojima’s writing. I showed a non-gamer friend who…

MGS: Rising Ain't Just a Sequel

It’s also a prequel. It seems Raiden probably did not survive getting smashed by a giant boat after having his…

Metal Gear Solid: Rising Cuts Away the Past

One of the 3rd party games shown during the Microsoft Press Briefing was Konami’s upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The…