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Metro Redux Gets a Release Date


Deep Silver announced today that Metro Redux will hit stories in the US on August 26th, 2014. Metro Redux is…

New Metro Redux Screens Show Off New Graphics


Deep Silver has released a new batch images showing of Metro Redux. Metro Redux is the name of a combo…

Metro: Redux Updates 2033 to Next-Gen


4A Games and Deep Silver have announced Metro Redux, a combo pack of fully remastered copies of Metro: 2033 and…

PS Plus February Instant Game Collection Includes Payday 2, Outlast


Sony has taken the wraps off of its Instant Game Collection offerings for February, revealing one PS4 title, three PS3…

Valve Overhauling Steam Controller Design

steam controller v2

The Steam Controller as it has existed thus far is an odd-as-hell thing to look at, and when I examined…

Game Front Staff’s 2013 Game of the Year


2013 has been an odd year in the world of video games. As we’ve talked about on our podcast and…

Game Front’s Top 5 Video Game Holy S–t Moments of 2013

outlast 5 thumb

Game Front’s Mitchell Saltzman picks his five favorite cuss-worthy moments of 2013.

Metro: Last Light – Chronicles Pack DLC Walkthrough


Fill in the blanks with three more story missions in Metro: Last Light.

Metro: Last Light Tower Pack DLC Includes Virtual Challenges


The Tower Pack DLC for Metro: Last Light includes a bevy of virtual challenges and a global leaderboard.

Metro Series “Accessibility” Does Not Equal “Dumbing Down”


Deep Silver argues that the accessibility of the Metro series does not mean the dumbing down of the franchise for a casual audience.

After Last Light’s Success, Deep Silver Plans to Continue Metro


The Metro series will continue following the success of Metro: Last Light.

Metro: Last Light – Faction Pack DLC Walkthrough


Join the Red Line, the Rangers, and the Reich in three new missions for Metro: Last Light — and make your faction proud with our complete walkthrough.

Metro: Last Light FOV Tweak Guide


Here’s how to change the FOV in Metro: Last Light.

Metro: Last Light – Musician Achievement Guide


Find every instrument with the Musician achievement guide.

Metro: Last Light – How to Get the Best Ending


See how to get the Good Ending in Metro: Last Light — spoiler-free.

Metro: Last Light Review – Into the Tunnels Again

metro last light thumb

Metro: Last Light improves in almost every way on its predecessor, making for a challenging, atmospheric shooter experience.

Metro: Last Light – Artyom’s Diary Pages Locations Guide


Stop scouring the sewers – see how to fill in Artyom’s Diary with all 43 page locations.

The Sights and Scenes of Metro: Last Light, in Screenshots


Metro: Last Light is a massive technical leap forward over its predecessor, Metro: 2033. This is pretty damn apparent in…

Metro: Last Light Performance Tweaking Guide


Metro: Last Light requires a beefy rig to run properly, so here’s how to get the most out of the game.

Metro: Last Light Cheats


Mind the gap.

Metro: Last Light Walkthrough


Don’t get caught in the dark. Keep the lights on with Game Front’s video and text walkthrough.

Metro: Last Light Trophies


We’ll leave a light on for ya’.

Metro: Last Light Achievements


Don’t turn out the lights.

Metro: Last Light Preorder Bonuses Detailed, Includes Hardcore Mode


Players who pre-order Metro: Last Light will get a DLC that unlocks the game’s hardcore mode.

Metro: Last Light Hands-On Preview: Into the Darkness Again


Delve into the subways of Moscow once again!

Metro: Last Light ‘Salvation’ Trailer Contains Executions, Violence


And also some really bad men pretending to be Hitler.

Metro: Last Light Gets a Release Date


It’ll be an early apocalypse for gamers this year.

THQ Officially Sold, Will Be Gone in Weeks



Uncle Jim’s Most Awaited Games of 2013

bioshock infinite vox thumb

List columns for your pleasure!

THQ: No Gameplay Difference Between Platforms in Metro: Last Light


“You have an, essentially, identical gameplay experience.”

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