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THQ Giving Away PC Copies of Metro 2033, Plus New Last Light Trailer

metro last light thumb

New trailer, free game. It’s a good Tuesday.

Final Metro: Last Light ‘Survival’ Trailer Features ‘The Commander’

metro last light multiplayer thumb

One more live-action trailer to get you pumped to return to the Metro.

Watch The Metro: Last Light ‘The Preacher’ Trailer


And behold the long hair.

Wii U “Has A Horrible, Slow CPU” Says Metro Last Light Dev



Metro: Last Light to Offer Metro 2033 As A Pre-Order Incentive (RUMOR)


According to uncovered domain names.

Company of Heroes 2, South Park RPG, Metro: Last Light Delayed


What’s that? Bad news from THQ? That’s unexpected.

Metro: Last Light Won’t Have Multiplayer, Focusing on Single

metro last light multiplayer thumb

They’ve decided to put their resources in working on what fans have said they want.

See The Entire Metro: Last Light E3 2012 Demo

metro last light thumb

You’ll want to watch this.

Metro: Last Light Preview: It Has Looks and Personality

metro a

I want to take it out for sushi and maybe see an indie band.

See How That Awesome Metro: Last Night Trailer Was Made (VIDEO)


Spoiler: people froze.

Metro: Last Light Short Shows Escape into Moscow’s Tunnels (VIDEO)

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Live-action trailer/shorts/movies are cool.

Game Front’s Updated 2012 Preview Calendar


Keep track of what gamers can look forward to for the rest of the year.

Forecasting the Future of THQ’s Core Franchises


We try to determine the likelihood of survival for key THQ titles.

THQ’s Q3 Investor Call Indicates They Might Not Be As Doomed As We Think


We sat in on yesterday’s Q3 investor call, and survived to tell the tale.

5 New Beautiful Metro: Last Light Screenshots


It’s technology porn.

See the Entire 13-Minute Metro: Last Light Demo from E3 2011 (VIDEO)

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Finally, All The Gameplay is upon us.

Part 3 of Metro: Last Light E3 Demo Includes Boarding a Moving Train (VIDEO)

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There may be as many as three more parts of this.

Metro: Last Light Aims To Have Console Parity and PC Ownage


So get the PC version.

Check Out the Second Half of Metro: Last Light’s E3 Demo

metro last light thumb

More dark and spooky underground first-person mayhem from post-apocalyptic Russia.

Metro: Last Light Trailer Shoots Out the Lights


Artyom does it in the dark.

Metro: Last Light Gameplay Trailer

metro last light

Portishead is the music again, and it’s still badass as hell.

A Trippy Metro: Last Light Teaser

metro last light

I really felt like I was on drugs when I watched it.

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