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Microsoft “Thinking Through” Xbox 360 Emulation for Xbox One


Microsoft may be working on an Xbox 360 emulator for Xbox One. While the company itself hasn’t gone as far…

Epic Games Founder Worried “About the Future of Microsoft”

Windows 8

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney believes Windows could find itself on the way out if Microsoft doesn’t embrace “a more…

Microsoft Talks New Features for Xbox One TV


One of my chief complaints about the Xbox One at launch was the inability to control cable DVR via the…

Naughty or Nice? Microsoft Details Xbox One Reputation System


If you’re a naughty boy or girl on Xbox One, Microsoft will ground you. With a post on the Xbox…

Indie Developers Talk ID@Xbox, Show Off Upcoming Games


Last week at GDC, Microsoft announced 25 indie games coming soon to the Xbox One. Now they’re showing off some…

Diablo 3 Confirmed for PlayStation 4, Safe Bet on Xbox One


The only thing stopping Blizzard from releasing an Xbox One version of Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition is the fine…

Microsoft Shares First Details on DirectX 12


A whopping 50% better CPU utilization and “console-level” efficiency on PC. That’s the promise Microsoft is making with its long…

25 Indie Games Coming to Xbox One Soon


The lack of games on the Xbox One roughly six months after launch remains a source of disappointment for anyone…

More Friends Improvements Coming to Xbox One in April


Microsoft invited a select number of Xbox One owners to test and provide feedback on system updates last month. Those…

Titanfall Launch Boosts Xbox One Sales 96% in the UK


It’s the games, stupid. James Carville’s famous quote about the impact of the economy on voters is also perfectly suited…

Major Nelson: Xbox Live Sign-In Issues Not Related to Titanfall

titanfall thumb

Players can’t sign in to play Titanfall on Xbox One, but Microsoft says it’s working on the issue.

Overnight Patch Leads Titanfall To Smooth PC Launch

titanfall 3 thumb

After a rocky first hour, Titanfall seems to be doing pretty well on launch day.

Having Trouble With Titanfall on PC? Respawn Working On It

titanfall big thumb

Having trouble with Titanfall at launch? Seems like you’re not alone.

Microsoft Prepping DirectX 12, Details at GDC 2014


Microsoft hasn’t released an all-new version of its API since DirectX 11 launched in 2008. It appears that will change…

Microsoft Will Share Halo 5 Details at this Year’s E3 in June


We had Master Chief penciled in to make an appearance at E3 2014, and now Microsoft has confirmed it will…

Stephen Elop Set to Become Xbox Division’s New Boss


The reshuffling of Microsoft’s executive deck continues, and the Xbox division has a new boss. Satya Nadella took Steve Ballmer’s…

Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Includes Free Copy of Mech Shooter


If you’ve been waiting to pick up an Xbox One until Titanfall launches, your patience has paid off. Microsoft just…

Petition Asks Microsoft to Pull MechWarrior Rights from Piranha Games


After firing its guns for months, it appears the dedicated MechWarrior Online community has finally overheated. A new petition on…

Microsoft Launching Xbox One Media Remote in March


If the standard controller, touch controls for tablets and smartphones via SmartGlass, and the camera, motion sensor, and extensive voice…

Microsoft’s SkyDrive is Now OneDrive


SkyDrive, the cloud storage service some of you might have toyed with on your Xbox One, is now Microsoft’s OneDrive….

Sony: PlayStation 4 Sales Top 5.3 Million

A lack of games, next gen or otherwise, hasn’t stopped gamers from gobbling up the PlayStation 4. Sony announced today…

Microsoft’s New PC Gaming Boss Has Left


As Games for Windows Live continues its death throes, Microsoft’s future in PC gaming is very much in question. Roughly…

Microsoft “Fixing” Xbox One Controller for Titanfall


Titanfall. You can’t get into a conversation about gaming this week without Respawn’s debut popping up. As the chatter rises…

Xbox One Headset Adapter Coming in Early March


At the moment, you can’t use your own third-party gaming headset on Microsoft’s Xbox One – not even the ones…

Microsoft Outlines Next Two Xbox One System Updates


Among the annoying feature omissions on the Xbox One: there’s no battery power meter. You basically discover your controller needs…

Titanfall’s Minimum PC Requirements Are Very Official, Very Low


Titans will start falling from the sky in a matter of weeks, and Respawn Entertainment Founder Vince Zampella has let…

Meet Microsoft’s New CEO, Satya Nadella


Microsoft’s search for Steve Ballmer’s replacement is over. The company’s board of directors has appointed Satya Nadella as chief executive…

Game Front Podcast #18: Interpreting Mass Effect, Xbox Rumor

white xbxo one thumb

Rumor has it a new Xbox One SKU is coming; Contributor Phil Owen runs down why he wanted to delve back into Mass Effect; and more.

The SimCity Reversal: Is Our EA Learning?


Electronic Arts and Maxis’ reversal of SimCity’s always-online requirement could indicate more games companies are learning to listen to customers.

Microsoft Will Give You $100 for Your PS3


And now, ladies and gentlemen, the next stage of the console war between old rivals Microsoft and Sony is in…

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