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Project Spark Closed Beta on Xbox One Next Month


Project Spark, Microsoft’s next-gen mash-up of open sandbox games like Minecraft and play and share experiences like Little Big Planet,…

Restructured 343 Industries Reveals First Halo 5 Artwork


Microsoft has shuffled the deck of its all-important Halo studio, welcoming a new creative director while swapping roles for a…

Happy New Year! And Now, The Best Of Game Front In 2013


Despite our claims to the contrary, 2013 wasn’t all disappointing. Game Front had a lot of fun, and from time…

Sleeping Dogs Now Free to Xbox Live Gold Members on 360


Microsoft is taking a page from Sony’s PlayStation Plus playbook and making it worth it to shell out for an…

PEGI Listing Suggests Warframe Coming to Xbox One


Digital Extremes’ Warframe is a fantastic little co-op space ninja action game. It’s also free to play so you should…

Forza Motorsport 5 Review: Next-Generation Micro-Transactions

forza 5 thumb

While it carries some solid improvements, Forza Motorsport 5 fails to be a showcase piece for the Xbox One and feels mired in micro-transactions.

NPD: November Biggest Month for Gaming Hardware on Record


I don’t want to do this. I really don’t… but I do have a reason for deciding to report on…

Holiday Deals: Best Buy’s Xbox Odyssey, Amazon’s Bethesda Bonanza

Xbox One Logo Green 140x

Best Buy and Amazon have some new deals just in time for the holidays. Starting with the latter, Amazon has…

First Xbox One Patch Arrives, MS Reports 2M Consoles Sold


If you’re using the Instant On feature for your Xbox One, the system will reboot the next time you fire…

Windows 8.2 Might Have A Legit Start Menu, Metro Apps In Desktop Mode

Windows 8 Logo Black 140x

The next major Windows 8 update might be the best version of the OS so far, if new rumors are…

Xbox One Hard Drive Full at 362GBs


In our review of Microsoft’s Xbox One, we noted a number of frustrating omissions, including issues with hard drive management….

PSA: XB1 Backwards Compatibility Instructions A Hoax


A particularly cruel hoax has been working evil magic on unsuspecting (and, perhaps, far-too credulous) gamers, taking advantage of dashed…

Xbox One Review: Living Room Magic Punctuated by Frustration

xbox one logo thumb

Xbox on. Those two words have become the modern-day equivalent of “open sesame” in my living room, working like magic…

Game Front Podcast #11: Does 2013 Even Have A GOTY?


With Thanksgiving happening this week, we take some time – a LOT of time actually – to talk about a…

Report Says Xbox One Costs ~$471 to Build


The researchers at IHS have taken a look at the internals in the Xbox One and have come to the…

Swearing in Videos Uploaded from Xbox One Can Get You Banned


Fun times will be had with video recording and streaming on the PlayStation 4 and Xbone in the coming decade,…

Xbox One Disc Drive, Loading Screen Issues Reported


Which next gen console is for you? We can help! Check out Game Front’s Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Ultimate…

Where to Find an Xbox One at Launch


Which next gen console is for you? We can help! Check out Game Front’s Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Ultimate…

PSA: The Xbox One Kinect Does Not Have X-Ray Vision


No X-ray vision here. Move along, folks.

How Loud is the Xbox One? Compared to PS4?


Which next gen console is for you? Game Front can help! Check out our Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Ultimate…

Amazon To Open Xbox One Pre-orders One Last Time Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, Amazon will apparently be clearing out what’s left of its stock of available Day One Xbones, as…

Video May Have Revealed Microsoft’s Xbox One HMD


Did Microsoft just give us an unintentional peek at its rumored Xbox One head-mounted display? In a new MS video…

Microsoft Demonstrates Xbox One’s Video Capture Tools


Which next gen console is for you? Game Front can help you make your decision with our Xbox One vs….

Xbox Live Gold Members Will Get Free Xbox One Games Too

halo 3

In the months since Microsoft launched the Games With Gold program, a poor attempt to match PlayStation Plus giving out…

Sony: No 3D Blu-ray on PS4 at Launch


Which next-gen console is for you? Game Front can help you make your decision with our massive Xbox One vs….

If Made Microsoft’s CEO, Stephen Elop Might Sell The Xbox Division


Microsoft needs a new CEO, and the list has reportedly been shortened to four or five candidates. Ford CEO Alan…

Waiter? There’s PC Footage In My Battlefield 4 Xbox One Ad

battlefield 4 thumb

There’s a fly in my soup, too, monsieur.

Blocked! Kinect Mount for Xbox One Features Camera Cover


Microsoft’s Kinect is kinda like Chuck Norris; it doesn’t sleep, it waits. That’s a concept that’s a bit unsettling to…

Xbox One Dimensions Revealed, Compared to Xbox 360, 360 S


Which next-gen console will be better? Game Front gives the definitive opinion with our massive Xbox One vs. Playstation 4…

Warning: Windows 8.1 Hates Your Mouse


Hey Valve, hurry up with that SteamOS, will ya? Microsoft is once again demonstrating its near contempt for PC gaming…

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