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Xbox One Will Strictly Limit Sharing, Trading


Defying expectations that the company would simply avoid the discussion until after Sony did a little console confirming of its…

Xbox One Won’t Kill Used Games, But Will Let Publishers Do So


Say goodbye to Gamestop.

Xbox One, Kinect Present a Bundle of Privacy Concerns

Untitled-12 thumb

With Kinect always on, an Internet connection that’s “required,” and all kinds of other data being sucked up by the Xbox One, Microsoft needs to answer some questions about privacy protections.

Halo ‘Bootcamp’ Outed by Korean Rating Board, MS Confirms


What’s this?

EA CTO: XB1/PS4 ‘Generation Ahead of PC,’ Mark Rein Calls ‘Bullshit’

Crysis 3 Face Thumb

Earlier today, EA CTO Rajat Taneja took to his LinkedIn page to wax poetic about console hardware (Develop Online reported…

Can Microsoft Redeem Itself at E3? Game Front Weighs In

xbox-reveal-4 thumb

Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal saw the company stumble hard on elements such as Internet connectivity and used game sales. Can the company get things back on track at E3?

UPDATE: Xbox One Needs Internet Connection Once Per Day


The Xbox One has issues with its online requirements — issues that need clearing up.

UPDATE: Borrow an Xbox One Game, Pay Full Price to Play?


Microsoft’s new console could charge activation fees for used games.

UPDATE: Xbox One Revealed: Confused, Conflicted Talk About DRM


We’re on it.

Watch the Xbox 720 Reveal LIVE with Game Front Right Here


Watch the XBOX announcement with us!

New Xbox Console Preview: The E3 Primer


Read on to learn everything we *think* we know about the upcoming new console.

Friday Flame Wars: Always-Online Xbox — Bad or “Who Cares?”


Gentlemen, light your flamethrowers.

Age of Empires 2 HD Review: Historically Accurate


Age of Empires 2 HD is more of the same, but it’s good nonetheless.

Win 8′s Drag On PC Sales An Object Lesson For Microsoft


But is Microsoft paying attention?

Adam Orth, “#DealWithIt” Guy, No Longer At Microsoft


The developer no longer works at Microsoft after events last week.

James vs. Games 28: Super Meat Boy


Watch James torture himself with Super Meat Boy.

Always-Online Xbox Console: An Insane Idea


It’s going to take a lot of tools to explain the absurdity of the idea. Or just one.

Gamers Rejoice: SCOTUS Upholds First Sale Doctrine


This is, in a rare twist, fantastic news.

James vs. Games 25: James vs. Gears of War: Judgment

james vs games gears judgment thumb

Can James defeat the Locust and escape a Hammer of Dawn blast in just four minutes?

Halo 3 For PC Mentioned in Latest AMD Catalyst Drivers

halo 3 thumb

A little more evidence, despite Microsoft’s denials.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Gears of War: Judgment’s First Hour

gears of war  4 baird thumb

Check out the opening of Gears of War: Judgment, only on the Game Front mobile app!

‘The Next Microsoft’ Designer Now Designing Next-Gen Xbox Brand


The designer behind “The Next Microsoft” branding that went viral last year is now working at Microsoft.

Age of Empires Online Stops Active Development


Age Of Empires Online winds down development, focuses on supporting existing game

Is Major Nelson Counting Down To New Xbox?


We think so. And so does everyone else.

Malukah Sings Cortana Tribute for Halo 4 (VIDEO)

halo 4 chief cortana thumb

Another great song from Malukah. Watch/listen immediately.

We Might Have The Next Gen Systems Code Names


But who cares?

RUMOR: Xbox 720 Coming Holidays 2013


We think this sounds about right.

Microsoft Returns To Vancouver With New AAA Studio



Expect the Death of Backward Compatibility Next Year

super metroid thumb

You’ll be paying for those games you already own, now and forever.

Halo 4 Map Pack Dates Leaked, Apparently


This could turn out to be wrong. But it probably won’t.

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