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Expect the Death of Backward Compatibility Next Year

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You’ll be paying for those games you already own, now and forever.

Halo 4 Map Pack Dates Leaked, Apparently


This could turn out to be wrong. But it probably won’t.

343 Industries Hiring People With MMO Experience


Obviously this means Halo Online

Master Chief Finally and Fully Unmasked (PIC)


You won’t believe what’s he’s been hiding under that helmet.

How To Get The Red vs. Blue Easter Egg In Halo 4


It’s easy, trust us.

Game Front Is Live Streaming Halo 4 On Monday!


And you can watch the fun.

F*ck Yeah! Windows Store Will Sell Mature Games


Har har.

Halo 4 Launch Trailer Shows the Return of the Forerunner

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It’s launch trailer time, because launch is on Nov. 6.

Halo 4 Fincher-Directed Trailer Is About the Man Inside the Armor

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It’s a pretty sweet live-action trailer.

Layoffs Hit Lionhead Studios


Less than 10% of employees have been let go.

PSA: Xbox 360 Price To Be Slashed By $50


Caveat: At Gamestop.

Halo 4′s Second Disc is an 8GB Multiplayer Install

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Apparently, multiplayer is big. Really big.

Gears Of War Movie 1 Step Closer To Never Happening

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Admit it, you know this is true.

David Fincher Is Producing The Live Action Halo 4 Trailer


This is kind of lame.

Never Mind: Microsoft Points Will Remain For Xbox



Sorry Ladies, You Won’t See Master Chief’s Face In Halo 4


Hahahaha, like any ladies are asking to see his face.

MS Points Not Required For Windows 8


Could this mean they’re not long for this earth on Xbox? Please please please!

Microsoft Beefing Up Security? Guess Xbox 720 Is A Go


Probably! Maybe!

Finally, Your XBL Gamerscore Means Something


Something silly, mind you…

Halo 4′s Promethean Guns Get Trailer Treatment

halo 4 promethean weapons thumb

New guns with cool sounds that will let you annihilate people.

Here’s a Mess of New Halo 4 Screens (GALLERY)

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A whole bunch of new screens from Halo 4 have hit the Internet, and they cover everything the game will…

Gears of War: Judgement – Is Free For All a Good Call?


My PAX Prime hands-on made me think twice about the always-solid Gears multiplayer experience.

Report: Next Xbox Could Be Held Up By Chip Problems

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Supposedly, manufacturing isn’t going to well and could push back the release.

343 Trailer Reportedly Leaks Halo 4 Spoilers

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Possible info about the upcoming game. Don’t read it if you don’t want spoilers.

343 Shows Off New Halo 4 Map, Exile, at PAX Prime

halo 4 exile thumb

There’s also a new behind-the-scenes vidoc to watch.

Fable: The Journey Achievements


Hope you’re prepared for lots of puns and internet memes.

HUH? Harada Suggests Nintendo/MS/Sony Make Joint Console


This is the greatest of all trolling brainstorms.

Blizzard is Also Not Thrilled About Windows 8

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Apparently it’s not good for game developers.

Microsoft Flight Development Ended, Layoffs In Vancouver



Friday Flame Wars: Fez vs. Microsoft


Time to take sides.

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