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Minecraft 1.0 Gets Its First Review — A 10/10

minecraft indiana jones thumb

Something of a predictable conclusion given that people have been playing and loving this game for quite a while.

Timeline Shows Minecraft’s Rise from Notch’s Idea to Minecon (INFOGRAPHIC)

minecraft infographic main thumb

See the story of Minecraft in one convenient graphic.

Day 1 of Minecon in Photos


Today we’ve been roaming the halls of Minecon seeing what there is to see, and we’ve come up with a…

Minecon 2011: We Have Visual Confirmation of Mojang’s Scrolls

scrolls thumb

Check out a new screen straight from the convention floor.

PSA: Xbox Live Arcade Version of Minecraft is at Minecon, and We’re Gonna Try It

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Hands-on time is coming later today!

GameFront @ Minecon 2011 – All Our Coverage Here


Minecon is going on, and our team is on site!

The Minecraft Show Episode 10: Deep and Hard

lava minecraft

It’s a party in the mines tonight.

[UPDATE]: Skyrim: Minecraft Easter Egg


Playful homage, or picking a fresh wound?

Someone Has Created A Computer Game Within Minecraft

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 12.46.10 PM

Reason 1,111,111,111 to love this game.

Watch This Minecraft Parody/Recreation Of The GTA V Trailer


Aaaand this is why we love Minecraft

Minecraft Pre-Release Build Is Out Like Right Now!


Yes! Dragons!

MineCon Trailer Features Mandalay Bay Casino Recreated in Minecraft (VIDEO)

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A MineCon trailer, predictably (and awesomely) made with Minecraft.

Girl Shoots the Crap out of Minecraft Creepers (VIDEO)


A recipe for YouTube success.

Watch The MineCraft Show – Episode 8 – Escape from the Underworld


You’ll enjoy this GameFront original or else you’ll be banished to the mushroom kingdom.

How to Make Ridiculous Pixel Art In Minecraft (VIDEO)

minecraft pixel art

This will blow your effing mind.

GE Recreates Edison Memorial Tower in Minecraft (VIDEO)

edison memorial tower thumb

Dear everyone: Please keep building awesome stuff in Minecraft, and filming it. Thank you.

Minecraft Will Be Xbox 360-Exclusive (TRAILER)

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In your face, Playstation 3 owners. Notch’s words, not mine.

Things That Are Crazy: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Minecraft (VIDEO)

minecraft indiana jones thumb

Have a blocky, pixelated adventure with Dr. Jones.

The Minecraft Show – Episode 5 – The Hunt for Sheep

minecraft copy

If I kill you… do I get your stuff?

This is Minecraft on Android (TRAILER)

minecraft android


Minecraft 1.0 to Include Enchantments


…or Notch is messing with us.

Minecraft Getting Two More Major Features Before Release


Development planned to stop in mid-October, says Notch.

Minecraft Users Recreate ‘The Simpsons’ Opening — in Minecraft (VIDEO)

simpsons minecraft thumb

I love cool things built in Minecraft.

This Guy Made a James Skin for Minecraft, and You Can Download It! (VIDEO)

mw3 james thumb

YouTube user KervyWane wins for best Game Front fan. You all have to surpass him for us to like you.

Minecraft 1.8 Now ‘Officially’ Released


I’m shocked the Internet has crashed yet.

Minecraft 1.8 Update Leaks


Is it a leak? Is Notch using the Minecraft public as testers? The world may never know.

You’ll Get Some Alpha Keys at MineCon


Keys for Scrolls and Cobalt, in fact.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Servers


Connect with the best Minecraft servers and form a multiplayer mining mob.

Minecraft v1.8 Adventure Update Trailer and Behind the Scenes Trailer


Who wants to have an Adventure?!

Notch Talks About Why Minecraft Isn’t On Steam

minecraft penn station

Because Steam sucks. Duh. jkjk

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