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Minecraft 1.7 Arrives, Bringing Pistons, Shears, and Stackable Fences (Video)


This is going to change the way you play Minecraft.

Yogscast Release Top Minecraft Mod Compilation Pack


The Yogscast comedy duo releases a pack containing the best Minecraft mods available.

Katamari Minecraft Mod (VIDEO)

katamari minecraft

This is wonderful.

Minecraft Adds Pistons, Launch Still A Ways Off


Wait until those zombies get a load of Bill Laimbeer.

LulzSec Claims More Scalps: Eve Online, Escapist And Minecraft Hacked


This is getting ridiculous. How hard is it to click the ‘yes’ box next to ‘Spend money on site security’?

Minecraft Heading to Kinect


What, they don’t have a mouse?

Minecraft 1.6 Beta Coming This Week (Trailer)


Fire will never be same again.

Minecraft Mod — Acid Trip


Puke bucket sold separately.

Top 10 Portal-Themed Minecraft Mods


A whole new meaning to “weighted companion cube.”

Terraria — AKA 2d Minecraft


Sidescrolling Minecraft action coming soon.

Minecraft Demo!


I’m sure there’s somebody out there who can make use of this.

Minecraft Mod — Single Player Commands


Reshape the world of Minecraft with a simple command.

Minecraft Will Finally Be ‘Released’ in November


The never-ending alpha/beta will end!

Minecraft Mod — Mo’ Creatures


What does Minecraft need? Mo’ creatures.

Minecraft Rakes in an Insane $33 Million

mineraft thumb

Clearly I need to change my job to ‘indie darling.’

Project Zomboid Brings a Minecraft-style Release to Zombie Survival Games


Zombie survival gets a shot in the arm from two indie developers.

GDC11: Piracy is Not Theft, Says the Creator of Minecraft

minecraft marriage thumb

And he is incorrect.

Minecraft Creator Mojang Working On Digital Trading Card Game


And it’s also a board game.

Minecraft Going Mobile

minecraft thumb

Will be available on iOS and Android.

Help Make The Minecraft Documentary Happen


2 Player Productions have put up a 6 minute ‘proof of concept’ for the documentary they’re trying to make about the illustrious godheadMinecraft. If you like what you see, donate.

This Is the First Live-Action Minecraft Fanfilm I’ve Watched

pork chop sandwiches

And so I assume that means it’s the first one that ever existed.

Guy Proposes in Minecraft, Creeper Blows Up Finacée (VIDEO)

minecraft marriage thumb

A joyous video game moment ends in tragedy, but respawns with joy again.

Alan Wake Fan Recreates Diver’s Isle in Minecraft

diver's isle thumb

Yet another awesome use for Minecraft.

Minecraft Breaks 1 Million Sales As Predicted

minecraft thumb

You don’t need graphics to make a great game, it seems.

Minecraft nearing 1 million sales

minecraft thumb

Hopefully that means we’ll soon be nearing 1 million hilarious and spectacular Minecraft videos.

Watch This Epic Minecraft Rube Goldberg Machine


The best 6 minutes you’ll have before New Year’s Eve.

Best Minecraft Videos of 2010


People have been building things with giant, bitmappy blocks all year. Here are their masterpieces.

This Gamer Thinks Halo: Reach is Minecraft (AMAZING VIDEO)


This must be seen to be believed.

Watch This Minecraft Recreation Of BioShock.


A Minecraft cover version of BioShock. Your life is complete, and so is ours.

Hatin’ on Minecraft (Sorta)


Enjoy the ravings of a [joking] mad man applied to the hot indie game of today.

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