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Indie Speed Run Game Jam Begins, Judged By Notch And More


Developers have just 48 hours to make a game — and have it judged by industry greats.

Minecraft 1.5 ‘Redstone Update’ Due January 2013


Get ready for more ways to build in the indie mega-hit.

5 Moustache Mods to Get You Through Movember


Can’t grow a mo’? Mod a mo’.

Mojang Drops Minecraft 1.4.4 Pre-Release for Your Download

minecraft penn station thumb

Bugs have been murdered.

Minecraft Show 255: A Return to Adventure, For the Second Week

minecraft show 255 thumb

Maybe a little less swearing, but probably not.

Minecraft Sales Hit 8 Million On PC


In other news, Notch is about to have his own fortress in the north pole.

How to Make A Minecraft Witch Farm


A healthy source of Redstone, Glowstone, Gun Powder, Sugar, Bottles, Spider Eyes and Sticks.

For Halloween, Readers Share Their Horror Favorites

horrorscope8 thumb

Tell us about your scariest gaming moments.

Game Front Logo Recreated in Minecraft by Reader



Minecraft Meets the Matrix (VIDEO)


Follow the white chicken.

GameStop Launching Kids Stores Throughout November


Want a Minecraft creeper head?

Minecraft 1.4.1 Pushed Back To October 25


That’s tomorrow.

Mod Brings Dishonored’s Dunwall to Minecraft (VIDEO)

minecraft dishonored thumb

Become a supernatural assassin in Minecraft.

Early Half-Life Levels Recreated in Minecraft


It’s the opposite of Black Mesa. White Crater?

Ubisoft Releasing Far Cry 3 Texture Pack — For Minecraft

far cry minecraft thumb

This is kind of cool-sounding.

Minecraft Pretty Scary Update Patch Notes


Just in time for Halloween.

Minecraft Recreation of Azeroth is 24 GB and Available Now

minecraft wow 2 thumb


Notch Drops First 0×10^c Footage

notch thumb

Pew pew pew SPACE!

Mojang’s Cool Office Nominated for a Cool Office Award

mojang office thumb

I kinda wish I worked there instead of on my couch.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps


It’s adventure time.

Minecraft Show 252: James Ruins Daniel’s Birthday

minecraft show 252 thumb

A cake must be baked!

Download Syndicate’s Latest Minecraft World (VIDEO)


If you love Minecraft, you know Syndicate.

Notch: Win 8 Will “Ruin PC As An Open Platform.”



Minecraft Mod Adds 33 Unique Biomes


Keep Minecraft fresh with this change of scenery.

Minecraft Show 251 – It’s Challenge No. 2!

minecraft show 251 thumb

It’s challenge time!

Minecraft on Xbox 360 Could Get a Few of ‘Best’ PC Mods

minecraft indiana jones thumb

They’ll have to be “tailored” to the Xbox 360 version.

Minecraft Pretty Scary Update Has Witches

minecraft wither boss thumb

which of course it should.

Check Out Qbeh, A Free Minecraft-Inspired Puzzler


It’s kind of awesome.

Minecraft: New Decor Block Preview (PIC)



Minecraft Show 247: Cliff Diving and Crossing an Ocean

minecraft 247 thumb

Oceans and stuff.

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