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Minecraft is Getting a New Monster: The Wither Boss

minecraft wither boss thumb

It’s going to kill James a lot, I think.

Minecraft 1.4 Deets Emerging


Poor 1.3 is going to have middle child syndrome.

Minecraft on PC Hits 7 Million Copies Sold

minecraft 2 thumb

Holy crap that’s a lot.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Is Selling Really Damn Well


Which is good for humans and other living things.

MineZ Mod Brings DayZ to Minecraft (TRAILER)

MineZ thumb

This sounds like an awesome idea.

Minecraft Show: Episode 242 – Mitch Is Going Spelunking!


Warning: lava.

Minecraft Login Servers Down — Mojang Working on It


Mojang programmer acknowledges the issue via Twitter.

Minecraft Show: Episode 241 – Update 1.3.1 Is Explored!


James’ playing privileges are revoked; he can only watch Zac play.

MINECON 2012 to be Held at Disneyland Paris


Mojang’s con heads over the pond.

Notch: Windows 8 May Be “Very, Very Bad for Indie Games”


Or will it just be very, very bad?

Minecraft Show 240: Together Again and On To Adventure

minecraft 240 thumb

James is finally free to grief a village, because it’s filled with AI characters. Also other things happen.

Minecraft Mod Adds Awesome Lighting, Water Effects

minecraft shaders thumb

These are pretty…pretty.

Notch Regrets Calling ‘Genderless’ Minecraft Character ‘Steve’

minecraft 2 thumb


Notch “Somewhat” Worried about PC Platform Becoming Owned by Steam


Unsure whether or not Minecraft will come to Steam.

Minecraft Show 239: A Search Party for Mitch

minecraft show 239 thumb

James and Zac need to figure out where the hell Mitch is. They can hear him, but they can’t see him.

Uniloc Inventor Attacked Over Minecraft Lawsuit


The internet hornet’s nest stings another victim.

Patent Holder Decides to Sue Mojang, Just About Everyone Else

minecraft 2 thumb

Hoping for some settlement money, looks like.

Skyrim Mods Add Minecraft Guy, Creepers and Rideable Pig


Wait, what? Surely you mean a Minecraft mod that adds Skyrim elements?

Minecraft Authorization Servers Fixed; No Accounts Compromised


No passwords or personal information stolen.

So, Someone Made Game Of Thrones In Minecraft


It’s amazing.

Minecraft Show 236: Trying to Make a Saddle (And Aether Stuff)

minecraft show 236 thumb

It’s an all-Mitch and Zac show!

Minecraft Xbox Edition Update Includes 40+ Additional Skins


Fear the creeper man.

Mojang’s Scrolls Just Went Alpha


Start your card engines.

Minecraft 1.3 Coming August 1


Get ready for tripwires.

Minecon 2012 Will Be in Secret European Location



Over 2 Million Copies of Minecraft Sold on XBLA

minecraft 2 thumb


Minecraft Overthrows Call of Duty: Black Ops on Xbox Live


Can even COD sustain Mojang’s onslaught?

Download Latest Minecraft Update Snapshot and Trade With Villagers

minecraft 2 thumb

You’ll be able to haggle with blocky merchants!

Microsoft Refunding Minecraft XBLA Players After Split-Screen Problems


You won’t have to dig deep to get your cash back.

Minecraft on Xbox 360 Surpasses 1 Million Sales

minecraft 2 thumb

Wow that was fast.

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