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Mojang’s Scrolls Just Went Alpha


Start your card engines.

Minecraft 1.3 Coming August 1


Get ready for tripwires.

Minecon 2012 Will Be in Secret European Location



Over 2 Million Copies of Minecraft Sold on XBLA

minecraft 2 thumb


Minecraft Overthrows Call of Duty: Black Ops on Xbox Live


Can even COD sustain Mojang’s onslaught?

Download Latest Minecraft Update Snapshot and Trade With Villagers

minecraft 2 thumb

You’ll be able to haggle with blocky merchants!

Microsoft Refunding Minecraft XBLA Players After Split-Screen Problems


You won’t have to dig deep to get your cash back.

Minecraft on Xbox 360 Surpasses 1 Million Sales

minecraft 2 thumb

Wow that was fast.

High-Def Required for Minecraft Xbox Split-Screen, No Warning

minecraft show 217 thumb

If you don’t have the right TV, split-screen multiplayer might not work.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – On A Rail Achievement Guide


Take a smooth ride into the abyss.

Watch Minecraft: Xbox Stream, Maybe Win Notch-Signed Xbox

minecraft show 216 thumb

See Minecraft in action on Xbox 360.

Minecraft Show 224: Kill All Creepers! (Or: Safety First)

minecraft creepers thumb

It’s creeper season. Be very quiet.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 – When Pigs Fly Achievement Guide


Not the best way to make bacon.

Notch Invested in a Game Series He Loves ‘More Than Kebab’

notch thumb

But we have no idea what it is.

Watch Minecraft Show Episode 223: Welcome to the Aether


You’ll learn very important lessons in today’s episode, we promise.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Cheats


They dug too greedily, and too deep.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Guide


Sharpen your pickaxe, it’s time to return to the wonderful world of Minecraft.

Notch on EA Indie Bundle: “EA Is Methodically Destroying Gaming”


Says indies are saving gaming.

Next Total War Game to Feature Mocap by… Notch?


Don’t make a sumo wrestler joke. That’s rude.

Check Out Notch Pwning Kid Who Stole Minecraft Accounts


It’s so on.

Minecraft Show 220: Playing Games and Setting Stuff on Fire

minecraft show 220 thumb

Mitch and James man the cannons and grab bows and arrows to face off.

Minecraft Show 219: A Game of Spleef

minecraft show 219 thumb

“TheHean fell out of the world.”

Minecraft Show 218: The Guys Get Collaborative

minecraft show 218 thumb

Zack Scott heads out to adventure with the guys from the Minecraft Show.

Minecraft DOTA is a Thing You Can Play Right Now (VIDEO)

minecraft dota thumb

Grab the map and start taking out towers.

Minecraft Show 217: Awesome Fan-Made Pixel Art (VIDEO)

minecraft show 217 thumb

Wow, the fans of the Minecraft Show are amazing.

At Last, Someone Makes A Minecraft Version Of Castlevania


It’s awesomevania.

Minecraft Show 216: The Guys Explore the Town, Go to Court

minecraft show 216 thumb

They lock James in an underwater jail cell, and other awesome things.

Minecraft: Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Trailer


The Ender Scrolls.

Notch Reveals Space Game: 0x10c


Thanks for a great name, Notch.

Minecraft Show 215: The Guys Tour Their Monument Park

mitchmonument thumb

Check out what fans have done to Game Front’s Minecraft server.

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