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Holy Crap: 21 Indie Game Music Soundtracks for Just $10 Today Only

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Only hours remaining!

Game Front’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers


Make that special gamer in your life extra happy this holiday.

Minecraft 1.0 Review — A Perfect 10?


A few review sites have awarded Minecraft a perfect score — is the game truly flawless?

Minecon 2011: Mojang Cuts All Ties With Yogscast


They kind of deserve it.

Minecon 2011: A look At The Art Of Scrolls


The beautiful – and often cheeky – building blocks going into the creation of Mojang’s next game.

MineCon 2011: Interview with Custom Map Makers Prof_Snape and BlameTheController


They bring you free Minecraft content, they are truly benevolent souls.

A Marriage Proposal at Minecon 2011


Yes, you read that right. It even happened onstage!

Minecon 2011 is Over, But Our Coverage Isn’t

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Stay tuned: We’ve got even more great stuff coming from Las Vegas, even though Minecon 2011 is officially closed.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Controls Are Surprisingly Not Terrible

minecraft post

I do have one suggestion…

Cobalt Demo Recap: What We Know So Far


Check out that robot punching grenades!

Getting Wood Is Your First Minecraft Xbox 360 Achievement (Pic)


I have to say I’m pretty happy about this.

Amazing Minecraft Creations, Courtesy of Yogscast (PICS)


You have never seen more awesome things anywhere.

Female NPC’s Coming to Minecraft “Eventually”


There was only one thing holding Minecraft back: bad hair.

Minecraft By the Numbers (2 Billion Files Downloaded From the Launcher!)


There are some big numbers within.

How Minecraft Is Made (In Pictures!)


Because words just don’t work here.

Episode 11 of The Minecraft Show: Surviving the First Night


In honor of the official release, The Minecraft Show teaches you how to survive your first night.

Lego Minecraft

lego minecraft

Minecraft in Lego, rather.

MineCon Attendees Get Free Cobalt, Scrolls Alpha Access


Bet you wish you bought a ticket now, huh?

Minecraft – Killing The Enderdragon


End the Enderdragon.

Cobalt Will Have a Minecraft-style Release Method

cobalt lookin good

So get ready for years of update.

Here’s the Huge List of What’s New in Minecraft 1.0

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Holy crap there are are a lot of new and altered things in the official release of Minecraft.

MineCon 2011 Keynote Address Recap – Awkward, Endearing


It’s gone but not forgotten.

Mega64′s Fake Minecraft 1.0 Trailer

mega64 minecraft

It’s pretty funny!

Minecraft Xbox 360 Trailer

minecraft xbox

It looks like Minecraft!

Minecraft 1.0 Is Out Right Now – Download It!

mineconkeynote12 (1)

Grab it!

Minecraft Servers Seeing Intermittent Service; They’re Working On It

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It might be a minute before you can get your Minecraft 1.0 downloaded.

PSA: Minecraft Pocket Edition Is Now Ready on iOS

minecraft indiana jones

Oh s–t oh s–t.

Minecraft 1.0 Gets Its First Review — A 10/10

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Something of a predictable conclusion given that people have been playing and loving this game for quite a while.

Timeline Shows Minecraft’s Rise from Notch’s Idea to Minecon (INFOGRAPHIC)

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See the story of Minecraft in one convenient graphic.

Day 1 of Minecon in Photos


Today we’ve been roaming the halls of Minecon seeing what there is to see, and we’ve come up with a…

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