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The Minecraft Show Episode 324: Hot on the Case


A mystery is afoot! James and Morgan put on their detective hats and try to solve the mystery of who…

The Minecraft Show Episode 318 – Dungeon Quest Part 4


Spoiler alert, James and Morgan finally beat the maze. However, their journey still continues further through the depths of their…

The Minecraft Show Episode 317: Dungeon Quest Part 3


In the third episode of the MineCraft Show, James and Mitch’s quest is ongoing through the nefarious dungeon. Do they…

Minecraft Show 314: Morgan Peer Pressures James

minecraft show 314 thumb

The Minecraft Show tackles in-game drug use in its toughest, most important episode yet.

Minecraft Show 313: Adventures in the Nether

minecraft show thumb

The guys head to the Nether to gather quartz and seek out dangers!

Minecraft Show Ep. 312: A Horse is a Horse


James goes in search of a laggy horse of his own.

Minecraft Show 309: Fan Mail and MoHeany Tower

minecraft show 309 thumb

James and Morgan now get fan mail! Too bad they don’t really know how to read it.

The Minecraft Show Ep. 308 – Far Far Away


In the latest episode of The Minecraft Show, James is joined by Morgan for a visit to Summer Home Island….

Minecraft Show 305: James Falls Off the World

minecraft show 305 thumb

James and his pal Morgan join a special guest as they head out for adventure!

The Minecraft Show 303 — In Search of a Red Stone


James is back with a new episode of The Minecraft Show, and once again his good pal Morgan tags along…

Video: The Minecraft Show Is BACK

minecraft show 259 thumb

McRib not included.

Minecraft Show Ep. 259: Welcome to the Batcave

minecraft show 259 thumb

There’s a lot hidden beneath the city in The Minecraft Show’s server.

Minecraft Show 257: Happy Birthday, James! (VIDEO)

minecraft show 257 thumb

For James’ birthday, the guys do exactly nothing out of the ordinary.

Minecraft Show 255: A Return to Adventure, For the Second Week

minecraft show 255 thumb

Maybe a little less swearing, but probably not.

Minecraft Show 252: James Ruins Daniel’s Birthday

minecraft show 252 thumb

A cake must be baked!

Minecraft Show 251 – It’s Challenge No. 2!

minecraft show 251 thumb

It’s challenge time!

Minecraft Show 247: Cliff Diving and Crossing an Ocean

minecraft 247 thumb

Oceans and stuff.

Hauppage Rolls Out New HD Game Recorder

HD-PVR-2-Gaming_unit-front thumb

If you’re into recording yourself playing video games, you might want to look into this.

Minecraft Show: Episode 242 – Mitch Is Going Spelunking!


Warning: lava.

Minecraft Show: Episode 241 – Update 1.3.1 Is Explored!


James’ playing privileges are revoked; he can only watch Zac play.

Minecraft Show 240: Together Again and On To Adventure

minecraft 240 thumb

James is finally free to grief a village, because it’s filled with AI characters. Also other things happen.

Minecraft Show 239: A Search Party for Mitch

minecraft show 239 thumb

James and Zac need to figure out where the hell Mitch is. They can hear him, but they can’t see him.

Minecraft Show 236: Trying to Make a Saddle (And Aether Stuff)

minecraft show 236 thumb

It’s an all-Mitch and Zac show!

Get Your Game Front Walkthroughs on Your iPhone! New App Coming!

game front app thumb

You can get your Game Front video fix no matter where you are pretty soon.

Minecraft Show 224: Kill All Creepers! (Or: Safety First)

minecraft creepers thumb

It’s creeper season. Be very quiet.

Watch Minecraft Show Episode 223: Welcome to the Aether


You’ll learn very important lessons in today’s episode, we promise.

Minecraft Show 220: Playing Games and Setting Stuff on Fire

minecraft show 220 thumb

Mitch and James man the cannons and grab bows and arrows to face off.

Minecraft Show 219: A Game of Spleef

minecraft show 219 thumb

“TheHean fell out of the world.”

Minecraft Show 218: The Guys Get Collaborative

minecraft show 218 thumb

Zack Scott heads out to adventure with the guys from the Minecraft Show.

Minecraft Show 217: Awesome Fan-Made Pixel Art (VIDEO)

minecraft show 217 thumb

Wow, the fans of the Minecraft Show are amazing.

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