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The Elder Scrolls Online Abandoning Subscriptions in March


The Elder Scrolls Online is dropping its monthly subscriptions. According to a new announcement from Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls Online…

Elder Scrolls Online Loses Six-Month Subs, Players Forced to Pay More


Zenimax Online has removed the option to purchase six-month-long subscriptions to The Elder Scrolls Online. The six-month option was quietly…

World of Warcraft Team Bigger Than Ever, Looking Ahead


The MMO giant World of Warcraft is almost 10 years old, although thanks to falling subscription numbers, how many years…

Titan Cancellation Likely Cost Blizzard $50 Million


We’ve only just found out that Blizzard has cancelled Titan, but that decision definitely came at a cost. After all,…

WildStar Raiding Unveiled in New DevSpeak Video


If you’ve been waiting for an MMO with a hardcore end-game experience, WildStar’s plans for raiding may have you covered….

Hands-on with EverQuest Next Landmark


The future of MMOs is glorious once again. No, really.

Perfect World Wants to Bring its MMOs to Next Gen Consoles


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and The Elder Scrolls Online will bring MMORPGs to next-gen consoles in 2014, and…

Can LotRO’s Helm’s Deep Bring Fresh Blood to the MMO?


The battle you’ve been waiting for. The needlessly complex progression systems you’ve been dreading.

Game Front’s Quick Guide to WoW Patch 5.4


The last major content patch before the next expansion brings alot to keep players busy.

EverQuest Next: Everything We Know and Why It Sounds Awesome


SOE lays down the gauntlet of what their next gen MMO will include. The next move is yours, Blizzard.

Neverwinter Beta Impressions: A Strong Start


Neverwinter shows a surprising amount of competence, vaulting it to the highest tiers of quality

Elder Scrolls Online Pre-E3 2013 Preview: On to Daggerfall

Elder Scrolls Online: Aldcroft

In March, ZeniMAX Online allowed me my first look at Elder Scrolls Online. I got a taste for the combat,…

Video: 20 Minutes of The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay


Here’s a peek at TESO’s gameplay.

Download the Neverwinter Client at Game Front


Get ready for the last closed beta weekend as well as the April 30th open beta with this client download.

EVE Online Announces 19th Expansion: Odyssey


Going where no man has gone before…unless your name is Homer.

LotRO Twitter Dev Chat Reveals Update 11 & Expansion Details


Hints to what’s next in LotRO.

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Hickman Talks of Post-F2P Server Health


Has going free-to-play made a difference?

Star Trek Online Announces Legacy of Romulus Expansion


Tasha Yar is back! As Romulan Empress Sela. You gotta take what you can get, right?

Get Your Neverwinter Beta Weekend 3 Keys Here


Yes, the precious keyssss are oursssss.

The Elder Scrolls Online Preview: It’s Like Skyrim – Online


A first look at combat, questing, and, most importantly, that Skyrim new-car smell.

Neverwinter Trailer Showcases Dangers Near and Far


Every city has its dark alleys, right? In Neverwinter, it’s most of the town…

Neverwinter: Interview with Cryptic Studios CEO Jack Emmert


All the fun of talking Dungeons and Dragons, none of the cumbersome dice bag.

LotRO 2013 Game Plan Includes Long-Awaited Helm’s Deep


Who’s ready to get their dwarf tossing on?

Defiance MMO Gets New Teaser Trailer, Preoder Details


Are these preorder bonuses worth the price?

WoW PvP Getting an Overhaul, Players Flip a Table


New gear will be easier to obtain, veteran players will continue to complain about change.

Attention: Is Down For The Next 12 Hours


Likely related to the impending F2P conversion.

SWTOR FTP Restrictions Eased Somewhat


We have the brief deets inside.

Trion Worlds On Rift Lifetime Subs: ‘Nope, Never’

rift lightning thumb

It makes sense.

Turbine Slapped With Patent Infringement Suit


Ruh ROh.

Mechwarrior Online Made 5 Mil And Hasn’t Even Launched



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