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PAX East: Neverwinter Screenshots Have Infinite Charisma, Hitpoints


Click inside for a close look at the upcoming D&D MMORPG, and revel in the medieval fun.

Guild Wars 2 Class System Influenced By… Team Fortress?


Yes. This.

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Is Going F2P


Going F2P is so mainstream you guys.

BioWare Making SWTOR Free Again This Weekend


I wonder if they’re hoping this will have a positive mass effect on public opinion?

EVE Fanfest Will Be Livestreamed


So stop trying to afford tickets to Iceland!

RUMOR: Bethesda Announcing Elder Scrolls MMO In May


This one might just be real.

The MMO Hall Of Fame Announces Inaugural Inductees


Click to learn who was honored.

PSA: Fallen Earth Free To Play Is On Steam


Now would be a good time to check it out.

Rift Lite Launched: You Can Play The First 20 Levels Restriction-Free


It’s part of Rift 1.7: Carnival of the Ascended.

The Secret World Devs Answer Questions About The Story


Let me be the millionth person to say that The Secret World just got a little less secret.

Not So Fast! There May Yet Be A Firefly MMO After All!


This is the best gorram news in the ‘verse.

SOPA Hearing Pushed Back To 2012


SOPA used to want to destroy the Internet forever, but then it took an arrow to its knee.

Oh, Hey: There’s a Dr. Who MMO, and You Can Play It Right Now

dr who thumb

Uh, how did I not hear about this?

Lucent Heart – Halloween Trailer


If you play this game, you might win some prizes this year.

Conquer Online – iPad Gameplay Trailer


And thus iPad joins the F2P MMORPG world.

Rift – Ashes of History Trailer


Ashes to ashes, History to history. Or something.

War of the Immortals – Announcement Trailer


I wish all wars had announcement trailers, don’t you?

Core Blaze – GGS Gameplay Trailer


Some pretty excellent, Unreal-based MMORPG for you.

Online Gamers May Have Solved An AIDS Riddle


This actually happened, I promise.

Dragonica – New Origin Trailer


Have you ever wanted to hug a Dragon?

Gates of Andaron – “Rise of Gor” Update Trailer


You’ll love the trailer for World of Warcraft Gates of Andaron.

Turbine Announces 5 New Instances For LOTR By Year End


And they won’t be 19 hours long.

The Oatmeal Definitively Explains Online Gaming


Forever and ever and ever.

Comic-Con 2011: Win a Preorder Code for Star Wars: The Old Republic

old republic

With Star Wars: The Old Republic aiming to release this Christmas, you’ll want to get your preorder code now.

The Secret World’s Creepy Setting is Creepy – and Haunted (TRAILER)

the secret world thumb

Digging this game’s Alan Wake-Stephen King-Resident Evil 4 vibe.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Fate of the Galaxy Trailer


Lightsabers, spaceships, and probably letters scrolling through space. You don’t really need me to sell Star Wars to you, right?

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