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Devs and Publishers Coming Together at GameDevHacker


Later this month, developers, publishers, and marketers will all meet in New York City to talk about the future of…

EA Thinks Dungeon Keeper Failed By “Innovating Too Much”


Electronic Arts may no longer be considered the worst company in America, but that doesn’t mean it’s catching a break…

Dungeon Keeper Ads Are “Misleading,” UK’s ASA Rules


Dungeon Keeper was a classic strategy gem back in 1997, but these days, the name raises a fair bit of…

King Candy’s Trademark Attempt at Crushing The Banner Saga


Editor’s Note: Bar Games is GameFront’s new bi-weekly column series addressing the finer points of the law as it relates…

Astro A38 Headset Impressions


Astro’s A38 headset uses Bluetooth connectivity to facilitate gaming on the go. Astro is a name that people have long…

Minecraft PS3 Retail Edition Arrives May 16th


Following its success in the Playstation Store, a retail version of Minecraft is expected next month. With around 35 million…

Hearthstone Review: Dealing a Winning Hand


Collectible card games aren’t a new genre, but Blizzard is revolutionizing the way they’re played digitally with Hearthstone. Most CCGs…

Zynga Lays Off 15 Percent Of Workforce, Buys NaturalMotion

Zynga Logo 140x

Zynga announced significant layoffs today, as well as the acquisition of British software company NaturalMotion. The Zynga workforce has been… Says It Doesn’t Clone Others’ Games, Removes Accused Title

Candy Crush Saga Banner 2 592x

There’s been nothing but drama surrounding Candy Crush Saga dev this week, first with stories of its ambitious trademark…

Candy Crush Dev Trademarks ‘Candy,’ Opposes Same For ‘Saga’

Candy Crush Saga Logo 140x, the company behind the ever-popular Candy Crush Saga game on iOS and Android, now owns the word “Candy,” thanks…

Bowling ‘Didn’t Think About’ Risk In Confronting Robotoki Burglar


The front door of Robotoki’s Los Angeles studio Thursday morning, after two men broke the security glass in a burglary…

Square Enix Teases Final Fantasy 8 Announcement

Final Fantasy 8 Logo 140x

Square Enix and mobile developer gloops are teasing an announcement seemingly related to Final Fantasy 8, if this teaser page…

Kabam Buys Naming Rights to Cal-Berkeley’s Football Field


The University of California, Berkeley — long thought of by my family in Alabama as a bastion of anti-capitalist hippie…

Zynga Founder Is Bored With Video Games; Gamers Reciprocate

Zynga Logo 140x

That’s funny, because plenty of gamers are bored with Zynga.

Report: EA Is Doing The Executive Shuffle

EA Logo Grey 140x

In the wake of Andrew Wilson being promoted to CEO, EA seems to be in the midst of an executive…

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Gears of War: Judgment’s First Hour

gears of war  4 baird thumb

Check out the opening of Gears of War: Judgment, only on the Game Front mobile app!

Duke Nukem II Coming To iOS in April for $1.99

Duke Nukem II 140x

Ladies and gentlemen, one of our nation’s heroes has re-appeared! Nearly 20 years after its original release, Duke Nukem II…

Response to Cliffy: Micro-Transactions Make Game Design Worse

gears 3 dlc thumb

Cliffy B doesn’t take into account the fact that micro-transactions don’t just nickel and dime players, they make game design worse.

Kickstarted Stealth Title Republique Gets New Screen Shots

republique 1 thumb

Check out some new images from the Unity engine stealth-survival game.

Spending Quality Time with the Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield Thumbnail

We go hands on with NVIDIA’s newest device.

CES 2013: Hands On with the PowerA MOGA Pro

PowerA MOGA Pro with Galaxy Note 2

MOGA’s larger mobile controller fell right into our hands.

Hello, Project Shield: Nvidia’s Tegra 4-Powered Handheld Console

Nvidia Shield Thumbnail

The Consumer Electronics Show hasn’t officially started yet, and there are already surprises to be had. Nvidia held its CES…

Walking Dead Trailer Shows Players’ Moral Choices in Ep. 4

walking dead ep 4 thumb

See what choices everyone else made.

Navigate Dishonored with This Smartphone Map App

dishonored map app thumb

If you’ve got $2.99 and a need for a map in Dishonored, this could help.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Gets Delayed

baldur's gate 1 thumb

Probably worth the wait, really.

Double Fine Accidentally Releases iOS Title, Turns It Into Beta

middle manager of justice thumb

They’re taking feedback from people who got the game early.

Assassin’s Creed Getting F2P Mobile Spin-Off

assassin's creed utopia thumb

Lots of free-to-play stuff is in Ubisoft’s future.

Blizzard Makes Mobile WoW Features Like Guild Chat Free

wow app thumb

You no longer need a subscription for mobile auction house access, either.

Baldur’s Gate Enhances Your PC on Sept. 18

baldur's gate 1 thumb

The Enhanced Edition is now available for pre-order.

RuneScape Will Hit More Platforms, But No Info On Which

runescape thumb

Bet you it’s mobile.

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