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Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 2 Review

hector episode 2 1 thumb

Funnier, longer and with better puzzles, Hector: Episode 2 hits a stride early in its four-hour running time and maintains it.

Halfbrick Says 2,000 Hours of Gameplay in Jetpack Joyride (TRAILER)

machine gun jetpack 2 thumb

And I’m not entirely sure they’re joking.

Cute Puzzler Furmins Heading to iPhone, iPad in October (TRAILER)

furmins thumb

From the guys who brought us Outland and Dead Nation.

Sony Confirms Its S1 Tablet is a Playstation Tablet

sony-tablets1 thumb

It’s not really all that Playstation-like and we kind of already knew that it was a Playstation tablet, but whatever.

Machine Gun Jetpack is Now Jetpack Joyride, Still Looks Awesome (TRAILER)

machine gun jetpack thumb

It’s coming to iOS on Sept. 1.

Alien Jihad Trailer Explains What the Alien Jihad is All About (Hint: Controversy)

alien jihad thumb

The name says it all. Also the really long text crawl in the trailer says additional things.

Ambient Music Rhythm Puzzler Fractal Heading to iOS (TRAILER)

fractal thumb

Oooo, pretty colors.

A Machine Gun Jetpack Isn’t Your Only Vehicle in Machine Gun Jetpack (TRAILER)

machine gun jetpack 2 thumb

You can also use planes, mechs and teleporters to bring your mayhem.

Sony’s Xperia PLAY Getting Minecraft


Notch is taking over the world.

In Honor of Fruit Ninja Kinect — 5 iOS Games That Would Rock on Kinect

pocket god thumb

You can slice fruit with your Kinect — why can’t you sword fight, build stuff and torture natives with your godlike powers?

YouTube Video and Song Becomes an iPhone Game and Song (VIDEOS)

baby monkey thumb

Internet meme becomes a thing you can actually purchase.

Halfbrick Devs Talk About Keeping It Simple (VIDEO)

machine gun jetpack thumb

This game looks amazing.

Monsters Are in Your iPhone in Dark Meadow (TRAILER)

dark meadow thumb

This game looks creepy.

HTC Trophy Windows Phone Review


Is this the gaming phone you’ve been waiting for?

UPDATE: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions Hits iPhone Thursday (TRAILER)

final fantasy tactics thumb

I know how I’m spending next weekend.

Julius Styles Trailer Sheds No Light On What Julius Styles is About

julius styles thumb

Wesley Snipes is back in video game form, though.

PopCap’s 4th & Battery Creates 9-Year-Old’s Game

allied star police thumb

It’s free on iOS, and it’s pretty solidly fun, too.

Play as Jim Sterling in The Blocks Cometh on iOS

jim sterling blocks thumb

Dream come true, amirite?

Telltale Talks About Puzzle Agent 2′s Story, Puzzle Development

puzzle agent 2 thumb

Last time, on Puzzle Agent, FBI Puzzle Investigations Department Agent Nelson Tethers went to a weirdo place called Scoggins, Minn.,…

Watch The Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Beta Footage (Video)


All you have to do is endure enjoy the ‘rock’ music accompanying the footage!

Amazon Puts on Massive PC Game Sale for July 4


The online retailer has marked down 199 downloadable titles for the holiday.

Zynga Files for $1 Billion IPO

cityville thumb

Think of all the virtual crops you could harvest with scratch like that.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

galaxy tab thumb

Samsung’s Android-based iPad 2 competitor is a solid machine, but Google’s operating system lacks enough compatible games to make it a real contender.

E3 2011 – Fruit Ninja To Hit Kinect This Summer, Facebook This Year

fruit ninja kinect 1 thumb

Slice fruit no matter where you are.

MONSTER TRON T3 Headphones Review


They’re TRON-branded, they’re small, and they’re pretty darn nice.

Cell Bound is a Colorful Puzzler with a Science-y Premise (SCREENSHOTS)

cell bound 2 thumb

Newly released iOS title Cell Bound is all about colors. See, cells that aren’t the same color in the game…

Prevent Contamination with iOS Matching Game Cell Bound

cell bound thumb

On the surface, Cell Bound is a matching game, a little like a Tetris/Bejeweled hybrid. You have colored cells. You…

Kung Fu Lobster on iOS Looks More Like Slap-Fight Lobster (TRAILER)

lobster thumb

But he is wearing a bandanna, which is how you know he’s serious.

Mobile Game Mighty Fin Lets You Put Hats on a Fish (TRAILER)

mighty fin thumb

Check out this trailer for the upcoming iPhone game.

There is a Duke Nukem Forever App, and It Says Lots of Duke-isms

duke nukem app thumb

Now you can hear Duke’s voice wherever you go. If that’s something you wanted.

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