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Enlist the Help of Aliens to Fight of Nazis in Hills of Glory (TRAILER)

hills of glory thumb

Whatever it takes to keep the enemy from overrunning your position, including tense allegiances with other planets.

Free Infinity Blade Update Adds Multiplayer! (SCREENS)

infinity blade multi thumb


Xperia Play Hits Verizon Next Week For $200, with Free Games

psphone thumb

Get your preorders in now!

Square Enix Drops Chaos Rings Omega on iPhone, iPad (TRAILER)

chaos rings omega thumb

It’s a pretty expensive title, though.

Back to the Future Episode 5 Not Coming Until June

bttf ep 4 thumb

We should be getting some news about the game in the meantime, though.

Introduce Deadites to Your Boomstick in Army of Darkness: Defense Thursday

army of darkness thumb

With real Bruce Campbell dialogue!

Duke Nukem Forever Might Have an iPhone App

duke nukem thumb

Could we soon see another small-scale version of ass-kicking and gum-chewing?

Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3 Getting ‘Handheld’ Versions

me3 1 thumb

And speculation puts them on the iPhone rather than the NGP or 3DS.

Canabalt Developer Releases Code for iPhone Game, Apple OKs Stolen Version

canabalt thumb

Apple is really getting terrible at having any idea what it is selling or any idea what the law is.

Developers Build Tech Demo Using Kinect, iPhone Co-Op

kinect iphone coop thumb

I love the possibilities of using multiple cool devices to play games.

App Store Plagiarist Back Under New Name

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Apple hasn’t returned Game Front’s request for answers about a repeat offender’s newest act of alleged game plagiarism in its iTunes App Store.

Sony Announces Two Playstation Tablets

sony tablets

And boy are they pretty!

EA Throws Big Easter Sale in iTunes App Store

dead space ios thumb

Dead Space is on sale for only $0.99, as is NBA Jam. You need to own these two games if you have an iPhone — it’s that simple.

NBA Jam iOS Gets (Some) Multiplayer in New Update

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There’s also a new iPad version of the game.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Hits iPhone Thursday

sword & sworcery thumb

I haven’t had opportunity to really write about Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, nor have I gotten a chance to…

Mobile Game Steals ‘Final Fantasy VI’ Name, Hits App Store

death runner thumb

The idea of “clickbait” just got ratcheted up a notch.

Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. Review

resident evil vs thumb

While it’s a good idea in practice and it can be fun to mix deathmatch multiplayer play with a constant onslaught of Resident Evil 4 enemies, Mercenaries VS. needs more variety and tighter controls.

Unpleasant Horse Jumps Into App Store, Gets Pulled

unpleasant horse thumb

Still too unpleasant for your iPhone.

IGDA Warns Game Developers About Amazon’s Appstore Policies

Angry-Birds-Rio thumb

Amazon reserves the right to set prices and discounts on developers’ apps, potentially leaving them with a loss while benefiting from the sales.

Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. Hits App Store Tonight

resident evil mercenaries vs 1 thumb

Also on tonight’s release list: World of Goo for iPhone, Streets of Rage 2 and You Don’t Know Jack.

One Single Life on iPhone Gives You Just One Shot

one single life thumb

The game is free in the iTunes App Store right now, but you only get one shot to complete it.

Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard Review

shadow vanguard thumb

Gameloft’s newest iPhone/iPad first-person shooter builds on the company’s experience on the platform with a solid squad interface.

Startup Adds Rewards to Mobile Game Achievements

kiip thumb

It’s targeted advertising that might not be completely irritating.

Does Angry Birds Deserve the Hate?


Those birds have nothing on the pure fury of Nerd Rage

Dead Space iOS, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 On Sale in the App Store

dead space thumb

EA Mobile is having a pretty sizable sale in the iTunes App Store right now, but it only lasts through the weekend, so get on it.

Notable Mobiles: This Week’s Coolest iOS Titles

iphone-4 thumb

Looking for a few new cool apps to pack onto your device? We’ve got you covered.

Remedy’s Death Rally on iOS Getting Update, New Car (TRAILER)

death rally 4 thumb

A new car and more weapons are on the way for Remedy’s iPhone and iPad remake of its racing shooter.

Death Rally iOS Review

death rally thumb

Fifteen years after it’s original release, Remedy’s iPhone/iPad remake of the top-down racer Death Rally is good fun, but needs more features.

Gameloft Seeing High Sales on Sony’s Xperia Play

xperia play thumb

The Xperia Play isn’t even out in the U.S. and it’s already among the best Android devices for Gameloft sales.

Apple Rejects PopCap’s Edgy Unpleasant Horse from App Store

unpleasant horse thumb

But don’t cry “censorship” just yet.

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