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BlizzCon 2011: Blizzard Says Diablo 3 Is “the Most Moddable Version of Diablo There’s Ever Been” — but They Can’t Allow Mods


You can mod the sh-t out of D3! But you can’t. Or can you?

Blizzcon 2011: Blizzard DoTA Has Undergone Extensive Streamlining

DoTA 10-22-2011

The lack of depth may irk some players.

Go Play StarCraft Universe’s PvP Test

starcraft universe thum

The StarCraft II mod that turns it into an MMO can now be played on

You Got Your Steampunk in My Xbox Controller (PICS)

steampunk xbox controller thumb

You have to put a key in this controller to work it. How deliciously old.

‘White Night’ Mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent Has a Story To Tell


It’s basically a whole new game.

Top 10 Best Batman: Arkham Asylum Skins


I bet you can’t wait for Arkham City’s inevitable Catwoman skins.

30 Awesome PC Case Mods

girlfriend mod thumb

A whole mess of very cool-looking PCs.

Our Arkham City Wish List (PC)

kapow 10-13-2011

You know you want to see an “I’m the Goddamn Batman” mod.

How to Enable the RAGE Dev Console

rage jackal valley thumb

Start tweaking your RAGE graphical capabilities using the developer console.

Top 10 Best Counter-Strike Mods

counter-strike 10-04-2011

Yo Dawg, I made a mod of your mod.

Deus Ex 2027 Mod Creates (Another) Prequel for PC Classic

deus ex 2027 thumb

Looks interesting. Download it here.

Minecraft Users Recreate ‘The Simpsons’ Opening — in Minecraft (VIDEO)

simpsons minecraft thumb

I love cool things built in Minecraft.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Mod Removes the Gold Filter

deus ex  4 serif thumb

Clean up the lighting in DXHR with this download.

Flatten Some Zombies with the Left 4 Dead 2 Counter-Strike 2D Mod


Extra D’s are for losers!

Survive Space Disaster in Titan: XCIX Part One (HL2 MOD)


Grab a copy of this detailed, story-driven mod!

This Mod Makes Deus Ex Look More Like Deus Ex: Human Revolution

deus ex unreal revolution mod thumb

Make J.C. Denton play like Adam Jensen

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Debug Mod


Change a host of in-game options, spawn items and augmentations — even pick your mission with this easy to use Debug Mod!

Minecraft Mod — Conveyor Belts


Been dying to create a video game assembly line? Your wait is over!

Homeworld 2: Star Trek Continuum Mod


Shields up! Engage!

Top 10 Best Diablo 2 Mods


Over ten years of modding boiled down to a top 10 list.

GameFront Network Mod Update — August 19


Check out these new and popular mods from the GameFront community.

Dawn of War 2 – Chaos Rising Mod – Wrath of the Blood Ravens


Bigger. More Epic.

Command and Conquer: Generals Mod — Final Big Editor


Modders, you’ll want this.

Crysis Map — The Resort


Gorgeous graphics AND a story. This mapper should teach AAA game developers a thing or two.

Battlefield 1942 Mod — Doug’s Weapon and Tank Mod


Steroids for your guns.

X3: Terran Conflict Mod — Saved Game (TC 2.5)


This Saved Game will have everything you need, or your money back. PS. It’s free.

Minecraft Mod – Craftable Mob Spawners


Like the Godfather, you’ll control the mobs.

Top 10 Best Deus Ex Mods


Can’t wait for Human Revolution? Dust off your old CD and try these mods.

Battlefield 2 Mod — Alpha Project


A must-have mod for BF2 players.

Deus Ex Graphics Overhaul Mod — New Vision


Same old gameplay, high-res textures.

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