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Behold The Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending Mod


It’s clunky, but a valiant effort.

DayZ Bounty Will Pay Real World Money


Damn, son.

FTL Dev: Modding ‘Unexpected,’ Support ‘Pretty Much Impossible’

ftl 1 thumb

FTL’s developers talk modding and how they’re taking it a little easier now that the game is out.

Descent Being Recreated in UDK


“Worthless bureaucrats. They’d replace us all with robots given half the chance…” – MD1032

5 Must-Play Doom 3 Mods


From better visuals to total conversions.

Damn, The XCOM Warspace Extension Mod Is Giant

xcom enemy unknown pc thumb

It’s giant.

5 FTL Mods That Make the Game Even More Awesome

ftl 1 thumb

Five ways to tweak the awesome space travel rogue-like and make it shiny and new again.

Carmack Promises Rage Tools Coming ‘Real Soon’


Wait what?

The War Z Producer Drops An F-Bomb. No, The Bad One.


Super mega facepalm.

DICE Reverses Position, Won’t Allow Color Changing



Doom 3 Mod “The Dark Mod” Updated


It’s getting dark in here…

Battlefield 3 Dev’s Won’t Ban You for Color Tweaker Mods


Color me surprised.

Mod Brings Dishonored’s Dunwall to Minecraft (VIDEO)

minecraft dishonored thumb

Become a supernatural assassin in Minecraft.

Xcom Second Wave Mod Adds Advance Campaign Options

xcom enemy unknown pc thumb

And it’s awesome.

Comment of the Week: Why Would You Want Captain Needa?

ftl star destroyer thumb

Mixing “Star Wars” and FTL is awesome.

FTL Mods Add Ships from ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Firefly’

ftl star destroyer thumb

Cooler ships! Hooray!

CD Projekt’s Free Development Tool REDkit Goes Into Closed Beta

witcher 2 4 thumb

Witcher 2 modding is coming in 2013.

StarCraft SlayerS Clan Is Disbanding

starcraft finals thumb

But no real word why this is.

Screenshots From Day Z Stand-Alone Released


Lots of houses.

Ubisoft Releasing Far Cry 3 Texture Pack — For Minecraft

far cry minecraft thumb

This is kind of cool-sounding.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mods We’d Like to See


Modders, we love you. Please make this happen.

How to Improve Dishonored with .ini File Tweaks

dishonored 12 thumb

Configure your game for maximum awesome.

Project Eternity Will Feature Mod Support

project eternity thumb


Red Orchestra Dev: “Zero Downside” From Modding

red orchestra 2 thumb

We salute him.

Minecraft Recreation of Azeroth is 24 GB and Available Now

minecraft wow 2 thumb


Dice Threatens To Ban Users of BF3 Color Tweak Mod


It’s unclear why.

StarCry Mod Brings Sci-Fi References to Crysis

starcry thumb

It even includes the Stargate staff weapons!

Thief 2 & System Shock 2 Unofficial Patches Fix Bugs, Add Widescreen Support


It’s not too late; never too late.

Total War: Shogun 2 Mod Tools with Steam Workshop Released


Let’s get modding.

Half-Life 2 Mod — Hidden Source


You can run, but you can die.

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