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Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative A Success


And you’re getting discounts to celebrate.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas iCEnhancer v2.0b Mod Now Available


Today won’t be a good day; you might have to use your AK.



So ends a 13 year run.

New PES Edit 3.3 Patch Adds Faces, Kits, Copa Libertadores Updates


SV Sandhusen fans, your prayers are answered!

Bethesda Reveals ‘Dawnguard’ Skyrim DLC (With No Details)

skyrim dawnguard thumb

It’s coming this summer and exclusive to Xbox 360, at least for a while.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Online Mod Released


Don’t stalk alone.

Now You Can Garden in Skyrim, In Addition to Everything Else

skyrim plant trees thumb

Get your green thumb on.

4 Half-Life Mods That Should Become Full Games


Will any of these become the next Age of Chivalry? We sure hope so!

Minecraft DOTA is a Thing You Can Play Right Now (VIDEO)

minecraft dota thumb

Grab the map and start taking out towers.

Battlefield 2 Mod – Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam Addon


Gooooooooooood morning Vietnam!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mod – iCEnhancer v1.8


Pretty up your GTA:SA with this small mod.

Star Wars: Empire at War Mod: Phoenix Rising


Hundreds of upgrades, over 100 heroes, huge space battles.

Half-Life 2 Mod: Frontiers


Refugees vs. border patrols.

Battle for Middle-Earth Mod: The Dwarf Holds


…and my axe. Sorry I’m late.

Minecraft Show 213: The Guys Misremember Captain Planet

minecraft show season 2 captain planet thumb

Other stuff happens too, and the guys try out a new texture pack.

Mass Effect 2 Save Editor (DOWNLOAD)


Alter your save to have a different Mass Effect 3 experience!

Half-Life 2: CUBE Mod


Portal meets Cube meets Lost.

8-bit “Demake” of God of War (DOWNLOAD)


Bit of War. Just a bit. Well, eight bits.

Minecraft Mod: Adrift


I’m on a boat.

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Mod: Modern Combat


It’s explicitly NOT Modern Warfare.

Mass Effect 3′s Prothean Character Unlockable Without DLC (PC Only)


Find out how inside. And yes, Spoiler alert.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard: Mods are Better Than DLC

skyrim epic battle thumb

He’s right.

ArmA 3 Will Have a ‘Player Alpha’ After E3, Extensive Beta

arma 3 thumb

You’ll get to play ArmA 3 before you play ArmA 3.

Get Spooked With New Half-Life Mod “Cry of Fear”


Are you afraid of the dark?

Skyrim Show Ep. 10: Spider-Man Spiders and Further Adventures with Weapons

skyrim show spiderman thumb

Hopefully that’s not a copyright infringement.

Terraria Dev: ‘We’ve Decided to Move On’ (So No More Updates)

terraria thumb

The game will still be available, though, and has a huge modding community. So that’s good.

Top 10 Best Skyrim Steam Workshop Mods


This list has one of the best immersion mods I’ve ever seen.

Check Out This Minecraft Portal 2 Mod (VIDEO)


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pass through blocky walls.

Skyrim Show Ep. 9: Custom Weapons Care of the Creation Kit

skyrim show weapons thumb

Skyrim just got a whole let more dangerous, now that the guys have some crazy powerful weapons.

Valve Says Dota 2 Will Pack LAN, Mod Support

dota 2 thumb

No word on pricing or a launch window yet, though.

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