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Get Spooked With New Half-Life Mod “Cry of Fear”


Are you afraid of the dark?

Skyrim Show Ep. 10: Spider-Man Spiders and Further Adventures with Weapons

skyrim show spiderman thumb

Hopefully that’s not a copyright infringement.

Terraria Dev: ‘We’ve Decided to Move On’ (So No More Updates)

terraria thumb

The game will still be available, though, and has a huge modding community. So that’s good.

Top 10 Best Skyrim Steam Workshop Mods


This list has one of the best immersion mods I’ve ever seen.

Check Out This Minecraft Portal 2 Mod (VIDEO)


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pass through blocky walls.

Skyrim Show Ep. 9: Custom Weapons Care of the Creation Kit

skyrim show weapons thumb

Skyrim just got a whole let more dangerous, now that the guys have some crazy powerful weapons.

Valve Says Dota 2 Will Pack LAN, Mod Support

dota 2 thumb

No word on pricing or a launch window yet, though.

1 Million People Have Bought Killing Floor On PC


Good job, one million people.

Skyrim Workshop Launches with Over 2 Million Mods Downloaded


Over 2500 mods published.

How to Use the Skyrim Creation Kit


Let’s get modding.

Insane Undertaking: Guy Recreating World of WarCraft in Minecraft

minecraft wow ogrimmar thumb

This is the biggest Minecraft project I’ve ever heard of.

Minecraft’s Jens Bergensten Talks Updates, Mods, and Pig Latin (INTERVIEW)


We got the chance to talk to the newly minted Minecraft lead developer. Read on to find out his favorite mod.

Skyrim Show Ep. 8: The Gang Gets Creative (with the Creation Kit)

skyrim show thumb

New mods for everyone!

Fallout: New Vegas Mods You May Have Missed


Make your Ultimate Edition EVEN MORE ULTIMATE!

1,000+ Skyrim Warriors Battle in Epic Machinema Film (VIDEO)

skyrim epic battle thumb

That is a lot of undead bastards.

Bethesda Posts FAQs, Videos, Tips for Using Skyrim Creation Kit

skyrim creation kit thumb

Get started with the Creation Kit, thanks to tips and vids from Bethesda.

Skyrim Creation Kit Available On Steam! Go Get It!

skyrim dragon thumb

It’s time to start modding Skyrim — plus, free bonus high-res texture pack!

Crysis Mod Triptych Brings a Lovecraftian Story

crysis mod triptych thumb

Oooo, horror.

Bethesda: Skyrim Creation Kit on Track for Tuesday Release, Plus a ‘Bonus’

skyrim troll thumb

What could the bonus be?!

Bethesda Shows Skyrim Creation Kit in Action (TRAILER)

skyrim dragon battle thumb

No Creation Kit just yet, but here’s a spiffy trailer!

Serious Sam 3 Mod Would Let You Play as a Headless Kamikaze (VIDEO)

serious sam 3 headless kamikaze

Blow yourself up! It’s fun!

Mod Adds Craftable Dragonbone Weapons to Skyrim

skyrim dragonbone thumb

Time to make some cool new gear.

Download Syndicate’s Minecraft World (VIDEO)


And watch him upload it to Game Front.

The Most Popular Mods of All Time


Mods of the Gods!

Skyrim Show Ep. 6: More Main Quest and Ponies

skyrim show my little pony thumb

A brand new mod makes its way into the Skyrim Show, and eventually, the guys find a dragon.

GTA: San Andreas Mod – Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.3


Grand larceny is much more fun with friends!

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Mod – Europe At War



S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Mod – Misery


Try out this COCKADOODIE mod!

GTA: San Andreas Mod – Left 4 Theft


It’s exactly what you think it is.

Mod Brings Minecraft into Crysis For Some Reason

crysis minecraft thumb

Create Minecraft-like stuff, now with CryEngine.

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