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Minecraft: 1.8.1 – Turn Mobs Upside Down with this Easter Egg


Give the mobs a unique name to flip them around with one neat little Easter egg.

Here’s What the Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Would Look Like as Minecraft

cybercraft thumb

This is pretty slick.

Minecraft Show Ep. 259: Welcome to the Batcave

minecraft show 259 thumb

There’s a lot hidden beneath the city in The Minecraft Show’s server.

Minecraft Show 257: Happy Birthday, James! (VIDEO)

minecraft show 257 thumb

For James’ birthday, the guys do exactly nothing out of the ordinary.

Mojang Drops Minecraft 1.4.4 Pre-Release for Your Download

minecraft penn station thumb

Bugs have been murdered.

Minecraft Show 255: A Return to Adventure, For the Second Week

minecraft show 255 thumb

Maybe a little less swearing, but probably not.

Mod Brings Dishonored’s Dunwall to Minecraft (VIDEO)

minecraft dishonored thumb

Become a supernatural assassin in Minecraft.

Ubisoft Releasing Far Cry 3 Texture Pack — For Minecraft

far cry minecraft thumb

This is kind of cool-sounding.

Minecraft Recreation of Azeroth is 24 GB and Available Now

minecraft wow 2 thumb


Mojang’s Cool Office Nominated for a Cool Office Award

mojang office thumb

I kinda wish I worked there instead of on my couch.

Minecraft Show 252: James Ruins Daniel’s Birthday

minecraft show 252 thumb

A cake must be baked!

Minecraft Show 251 – It’s Challenge No. 2!

minecraft show 251 thumb

It’s challenge time!

Minecraft on Xbox 360 Could Get a Few of ‘Best’ PC Mods

minecraft indiana jones thumb

They’ll have to be “tailored” to the Xbox 360 version.

Minecraft Show 247: Cliff Diving and Crossing an Ocean

minecraft 247 thumb

Oceans and stuff.

Minecraft is Getting a New Monster: The Wither Boss

minecraft wither boss thumb

It’s going to kill James a lot, I think.

Minecraft on PC Hits 7 Million Copies Sold

minecraft 2 thumb

Holy crap that’s a lot.

MineZ Mod Brings DayZ to Minecraft (TRAILER)

MineZ thumb

This sounds like an awesome idea.

Minecraft Show 240: Together Again and On To Adventure

minecraft 240 thumb

James is finally free to grief a village, because it’s filled with AI characters. Also other things happen.

Minecraft Mod Adds Awesome Lighting, Water Effects

minecraft shaders thumb

These are pretty…pretty.

Notch Regrets Calling ‘Genderless’ Minecraft Character ‘Steve’

minecraft 2 thumb


Minecraft Show 239: A Search Party for Mitch

minecraft show 239 thumb

James and Zac need to figure out where the hell Mitch is. They can hear him, but they can’t see him.

Patent Holder Decides to Sue Mojang, Just About Everyone Else

minecraft 2 thumb

Hoping for some settlement money, looks like.

Minecraft Show 236: Trying to Make a Saddle (And Aether Stuff)

minecraft show 236 thumb

It’s an all-Mitch and Zac show!

Download Latest Minecraft Update Snapshot and Trade With Villagers

minecraft 2 thumb

You’ll be able to haggle with blocky merchants!

Minecraft on Xbox 360 Surpasses 1 Million Sales

minecraft 2 thumb

Wow that was fast.

High-Def Required for Minecraft Xbox Split-Screen, No Warning

minecraft show 217 thumb

If you don’t have the right TV, split-screen multiplayer might not work.

Watch Minecraft: Xbox Stream, Maybe Win Notch-Signed Xbox

minecraft show 216 thumb

See Minecraft in action on Xbox 360.

Minecraft Show 224: Kill All Creepers! (Or: Safety First)

minecraft creepers thumb

It’s creeper season. Be very quiet.

Notch Invested in a Game Series He Loves ‘More Than Kebab’

notch thumb

But we have no idea what it is.

Fans Make a Sciency Trailer for Notch’s Sciency Space Game (VIDEO)

0x10c thumb

Check out the fan-made video explaining Notch’s 0x10c.

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