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Minecraft Show 218: The Guys Get Collaborative

minecraft show 218 thumb

Zack Scott heads out to adventure with the guys from the Minecraft Show.

Now Notch Wants To Make A Firefly-Inspired Space Trading Game?


I think he might just be trying to provoke a reaction. Mission accomplished! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE

GDC 2012 – Notch Hints There Is A Still-Undiscovered Secret In Minecraft


Of course, he didn’t give any further details.

GDC 2012 – Notch: Piracy Is Used As An Excuse To “Ruin The Internet”


Once again, Notch does something awesome.

Minecraft 1.2.2 Is Out Now


Get it before Notch distributes it among his employees!

Notch Distributed The Millions He Earned In 2011 Among His Employees


Damn. He’s like some kind of folk hero!

Humble Bundle Mojam Has Already Broken $100K for a Game Mojang Hasn’t Made Yet

mojam thumb

They’re making something that sounds slightly insane over the span of a weekend.

Check Out This Minecraft Portal 2 Mod (VIDEO)


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pass through blocky walls.

Enjoy Your First Look At LEGO Minecraft


The snake has finally swallowed its own tail.

Notch Wants You To Stop Freaking Out About Psychonauts 2


But we won’t. Because come on. That would be AWESOME.

Mojang Teaming Up With Humble Indie Bundle For Charity Game


They’re going to make it at breakneck speed too! And you can help them do it.

Mojang is Bored of Minecraft Clones, Has No Plans to Sue FortressCraft Dev

minecraft indiana jones thumb

Mojang just does not care about people who rip them off.

Minecraft Show Season 2 Ep. 2: Finally, The Ender Dragon

minecraft show season 2 end thumb

Oh. My. God.

Insane Undertaking: Guy Recreating World of WarCraft in Minecraft

minecraft wow ogrimmar thumb

This is the biggest Minecraft project I’ve ever heard of.

Minecraft’s Jens Bergensten Talks Updates, Mods, and Pig Latin (INTERVIEW)


We got the chance to talk to the newly minted Minecraft lead developer. Read on to find out his favorite mod.

Jens Bergensten: “More Worldtypes Will Be Added” To Minecraft


We interviewed the new head developer of Minecraft. Here’s a taste.

DAAAW. Watch This Adorable 3D-Printed Minecraft Village


It’s very adorable.

Minecraft Show Ep. 24: The End of the Season (and the End of the World)

minecraft show end of the world thumb

Don’t worry, the Minecraft Show will be back on Friday.

LEGO To Make Minecraft Block Sets

lego minecraft thumb

By popular demand.

Gaming Community Joins SOPA Protests With Jan. 18 Blackouts

sopa thumb

The list of SOPA protesters grows longer. Do your part Jan. 18.

Incredible Stop-Motion Video Uses Minecraft to Recreate Punch-Out!

minecraft punchout thumb

This is amazing but holy hell, guys, you probably should get some exercise.

Notch Has Stepped Down As Minecraft’s Lead Developer



Zelda: Ocarina Of Time In Minecraft


This is what awesome looks like.

Game Front’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers


Make that special gamer in your life extra happy this holiday.

MineCon 2011: Hands on With Scrolls


Ross and Dave weigh in on Mojang’s next original game.

Minecon 2011: Mojang Cuts All Ties With Yogscast


They kind of deserve it.

Minecon 2011: A look At The Art Of Scrolls


The beautiful – and often cheeky – building blocks going into the creation of Mojang’s next game.

Minecon 2011 is Over, But Our Coverage Isn’t

minecraft marriage thumb

Stay tuned: We’ve got even more great stuff coming from Las Vegas, even though Minecon 2011 is officially closed.

Cobalt Demo Recap: What We Know So Far


Check out that robot punching grenades!

Female NPC’s Coming to Minecraft “Eventually”


There was only one thing holding Minecraft back: bad hair.

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