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Minecraft 2011: Mojang Says Scrolls Will Be Online-Only

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Just like Diablo III, it’s apparently a matter of keeping things fair.

MineCon Attendees Get Free Cobalt, Scrolls Alpha Access


Bet you wish you bought a ticket now, huh?

Here’s the Huge List of What’s New in Minecraft 1.0

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Holy crap there are are a lot of new and altered things in the official release of Minecraft.

Minecraft Servers Seeing Intermittent Service; They’re Working On It

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It might be a minute before you can get your Minecraft 1.0 downloaded.

Minecraft 1.0 Gets Its First Review — A 10/10

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Something of a predictable conclusion given that people have been playing and loving this game for quite a while.

Timeline Shows Minecraft’s Rise from Notch’s Idea to Minecon (INFOGRAPHIC)

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See the story of Minecraft in one convenient graphic.

Minecon 2011: We Have Visual Confirmation of Mojang’s Scrolls

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Check out a new screen straight from the convention floor.

PSA: Xbox Live Arcade Version of Minecraft is at Minecon, and We’re Gonna Try It

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Hands-on time is coming later today!

Someone Has Created A Computer Game Within Minecraft

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 12.46.10 PM

Reason 1,111,111,111 to love this game.

MineCon Trailer Features Mandalay Bay Casino Recreated in Minecraft (VIDEO)

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A MineCon trailer, predictably (and awesomely) made with Minecraft.

GE Recreates Edison Memorial Tower in Minecraft (VIDEO)

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Dear everyone: Please keep building awesome stuff in Minecraft, and filming it. Thank you.

Minecraft 1.8 Now ‘Officially’ Released


I’m shocked the Internet has crashed yet.

Minecraft v1.8 Adventure Update Trailer and Behind the Scenes Trailer


Who wants to have an Adventure?!

Official Scrolls Trailer


A fantasy game from the guys behind Minecraft. Engage auto-publicity mechanism now.

Minecraft Mod — Conveyor Belts


Been dying to create a video game assembly line? Your wait is over!

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