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GDC 2012 – Notch Hints There Is A Still-Undiscovered Secret In Minecraft


Of course, he didn’t give any further details.

Minecraft v1.1 is Live — Here’s What’s New

minecraft 2 thumb

New language translations!

Notch Says If You Can’t Pay for Minecraft, Pirate It and Pay Later

minecraft notch thumb

The man stands by his game, but piracy is wrong, jerk.

Minecraft 1.1 Probably Coming ‘Tomorrow’ (Jan. 12)

minecraft thumb

With little or no warning.

3-D Printer Turns Virtual Minecraft Village Into Physical Model

minecraft village

Look, it’s a tiny Minecraft world!

Mojang Says Cobalt Could Be Released Friday

cobalt thumb

They’re hoping for the end of the week, but there are still thing to do that could delay Cobalt’s release.

Turn Your Minecraft Skin Into a Real Minecraft Action Figure

minecraft figure thumb

James from Game Front could be yours, in creepy pixelated pocket-size form!

Mind-Blowing: Star Wars Death Star Run Recreated in Minecraft (VIDEO)

minecraft star wars thumb


Minecraft Pre-Release Build Is Out Like Right Now!


Yes! Dragons!

MineCon Trailer Features Mandalay Bay Casino Recreated in Minecraft (VIDEO)

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A MineCon trailer, predictably (and awesomely) made with Minecraft.

GE Recreates Edison Memorial Tower in Minecraft (VIDEO)

edison memorial tower thumb

Dear everyone: Please keep building awesome stuff in Minecraft, and filming it. Thank you.

Minecraft Will Be Xbox 360-Exclusive (TRAILER)

minecraft penn station thumb

In your face, Playstation 3 owners. Notch’s words, not mine.

Things That Are Crazy: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Minecraft (VIDEO)

minecraft indiana jones thumb

Have a blocky, pixelated adventure with Dr. Jones.

Minecraft Users Recreate ‘The Simpsons’ Opening — in Minecraft (VIDEO)

simpsons minecraft thumb

I love cool things built in Minecraft.

This Guy Made a James Skin for Minecraft, and You Can Download It! (VIDEO)

mw3 james thumb

YouTube user KervyWane wins for best Game Front fan. You all have to surpass him for us to like you.

Notch Made a Game in Two Days and You Can Play It

prelude thumb

Clear a half hour and play the Minecraft creator’s first-person dungeon crawler.

Minecraft Convention, Final Release Date Announced — Don’t Tell the Creepers

minecraft creepers thumb

Mojang is celebrating the completion of Minecraft in November with a weekend of Las Vegas debauchery. Or perhaps nerdauchery.