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GameFront’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Clothing


Table of Contents Not everything that comes with being a gamer is tech and titles. Wearing your fandom on your…

Dark Souls 2 Headed to PS4 and Xbox One in a New Special Edition


There’s a brand new version of Dark Souls 2 coming next year, and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox…

Lords of the Fallen Review: Kindred Souls

lords of the fallen review thumb

Despite a few confusing design decisions that are at odds with the risk vs reward mechanics the game touts, Lords of the Fallen is a solid action/RPG heavily influenced by the Souls series

Upcoming Dark Souls 2 Patch Nerfs Lightning Spears Even Further


Calibration 1.10 for Dark Souls 2 looks to change the game for offensive magic users.

Dark Souls 2: Mitch Takes On New Game Plus LIVE Part 3


The journey continues in part 3 of Mitch’s run through the highly difficult “New Game Plus“. Beginning at 4pm PST,…

Dark Souls 2: Mitch Takes On New Game Plus LIVE


Mitch continues his second playthrough on the “New Game Plus” difficulty in Dark Souls 2. He came. He saw. He…

James vs. Games 53 — Welcome to Dark Souls 2

james vs games 53 dark souls 2 thumb

Can James reach and beat The Last Giant in Dark Souls II in under 30 minutes with just five lives?

Livestream: James Fights Ornstein, Smough in Dark Souls Today!

dark souls smough thumb

Tune in and see James likely die repeatedly.

Console Dark Souls Slash to $13 on Amazon

dark souls 3 thumb

If you haven’t played Dark Souls and you won’t spend more for the PC edition, at least check it out on the cheap.

Dark Souls 2 Will Be More ‘Understandable’

dark souls 2 1 thumb

Expect things to be less obscure — but is that a good thing?

James vs. Games 1: James Takes on Ninja Gaiden Black (VIDEO)

james vs games thumb

A new video show that has James struggling with super-hard games. Also betting.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Available For Steam Pre-Order


More Dark Souls. There is a God.

Dark Souls on PC Shows the Power of Gamer Communities

dark souls 3 thumb

When gamers get together and publishers are willing to listen and work with them, good things can happen. Take note.

Namco Says It’s Listening On Using GFWL For Dark Souls PC

dark souls thumb

The petitioning and discussion continue to be civil and constructive — shocking, I know.

By Popular Demand, Dark Souls is Coming to PC (TRAILER)

dark souls 3 thumb


From Software Apologizes For Annoying Dark Souls Frame Rate Issue


Dark Souls; love it or hate it, you have to at least respect it. Punishing difficulty is its calling card,…

The ‘Bring Dark Souls to PC’ Petition is Getting Huge: 58,000+ Signatures

dark souls thumb

The petition is picking up steam, so if you haven’t signed it, you should.

Namco Says Despite Rumor, No Plans for Dark Souls on PC (UPDATE)

dark souls thumb

Sounds like we probably won’t get a PC Dark Souls, but if the demand were there….

I Think Dark Souls is Great — I Just Don’t Want to Play It

dark souls 3 thumb

Look, I get it — it’s smart and paradigm-shifting and doesn’t pull any punches. It’s also boring and infuriating and there are better ways to spend your time.

Gamescom 2011: That’s a Whole Lot of Huge Monsters in Dark Souls (TRAILER)

dark souls thumb

You’re gonna need a bigger sword.

Keep Your Friends Close, Because You Can’t Hide From Gravity in Inversion (TRAILER)


Hey, the trailer said that stupid “hide from gravity” line, not me.

Comic-Con 2011: Behind the Scenes with Earth Defense Force’s Sexiest Recruits (VIDEO)


Ending the alien menace. While wearing a leather brassiere.

Comic-Con 2011: Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Trailer


Beware the giant, magical baboon!

New Dark Souls Screenshots Look Sombre, Spectacular

34398Darksouls (9)

These cats’ve got Souls, man.

Lots of Demons Line Up To Die in this Hellgate: London Trailer

hellgate london thumb

It’s almost 13 minutes of cinematics.

Break Out Your Whip and String Bikini for Soulcalibur V (TRAILER)

soulcalibur thumb

Full disclosure: Ivy isn’t in this trailer. Sorry.

Gravity Manipulation at the Core of Inversion’s Gunplay (TRAILER)

inversion thumb

Shootin’ aliens and runnin’ up walls. Sounds awesome.