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Soul Calibur 5 Review


Ivy’s boobs aren’t the only noteworthy thing about this game.

Namco Says Despite Rumor, No Plans for Dark Souls on PC (UPDATE)

dark souls thumb

Sounds like we probably won’t get a PC Dark Souls, but if the demand were there….

Ace Combat Assault Horizon – Missile Music Trailer


The melodious sounds of destruction inside!

Dark Souls Review: Death by Design


From Software’s sequel to Demon’s Souls is a frustrating, rewarding triumph of game design.

Inversion Devs Explain How You’ll Mess with Gravity to Kill Aliens (TRAILER)


Makin’ stuff float, then shootin’ it.

Dark Souls – All Saints Day Trailer


Just in time for Jewish New Year!

Inversion – Offensive Gameplay Video


Sadly, offensive refers to the opposite of defensive, so no swear words. Inversion still looks hell of awesome though.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter – Customization Trailer


Watch what happens when an adorable mech gets hydrolics.

Try Fighting The Soulcalibur V – TGS 2011: Meet Astaroth & Viola Trailer


See if Astaroth and Viola can solve the mystery of why don’t fighting game women wear protective clothes?

Dark Souls – Prologue Video Part 3


There’s a whole lot of hellfire and damnation in this.

Rally Racing with — is That a Mini? — in WRC 2 (TRAILER)

wrc 2 thumb

Jeez this game looks a lot like DiRT 3.

New Soul Calibur 5 Screens Show Off Character Design, Balletic Violence


Needs more metaphorical cleavage, less literal cleavage.

Comic-Con 2011: Tales of the Abyss Trailer Has Angst


Being a aristocratic teenager in an anime fantasy world is just so HARD, y’know?

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Touts Pre-Order Bonuses


Time to buzz the tower.

Enjoy SOULCALIBUR V – Behind-the-Game (Video)


I miss my Dreamcast!

Break Out Your Whip and String Bikini for Soulcalibur V (TRAILER)

soulcalibur thumb

Full disclosure: Ivy isn’t in this trailer. Sorry.

Get Killed – A Lot – When Dark Souls Drops in October (TRAILER)

dark souls thumb

Yup, we’ve got a release date and a lots of death in the spiritual follow-up to Demons’ Souls.

Pac-Man Game Show? Yes, Please.

pac-man tv show thumb

Merv Griffin Entertainment wants to make an “unscripted” Pac-Man show in the vein of “Wipe Out.” Hoping for people dressed as Pac-Man and the ghosts, slamming face-first into things.

Splatterhouse Review

splatterhouse 3

This 3D beat-em-up reboot can be repetitive and frustrating, but also hits quality notes in terms of fun and nostalgia.

Capcom Announces Street Fighter X Tekken


Longtime fighting-game rivals Capcom and Namco announced a truce in the form of Street Fighter X Tekken Saturday at Comic Con.

Tekken 7 Confirmed at Madrid Event

Tekken 6 made headlines in 2009, mostly because it was released on something other than a PlayStation consoles. However, the…

Exclusive Fan Q&A: Dragon Ball: Origins 2


One of the longest running, most popular anime series of all time is Dragon Ball. Since its beginnings on the…

Namco Bandai VP Says Games Cost Too Much

Namco Bandai Partners VP Olivier Comte thinks games cost too much. So what does he propose? “With the cost of…

Gaming Today Impressions of Culdcept Saga (Xbox 360)

Culdcept Saga Developer: Namco Bandai Publisher: Namco Bandai Price: $39.99 Platform: Xbox 360 Category: Strategy ESRB Rating: T for Teen…

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