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All the Deets on Downloadable NBA JAM: On Fire Edition

nba jam on fire thumb

The downloadable game’s developers explain what’s so cool about it.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Gets a Price

nba jam on fire

It’ll make you wonder why you bought that full retail edition.

Everything You Like About NBA Jam Is In This On Fire Edition Trailer

nba jam on fire

You might not even need to play the game after watching it.

EA Throws Big Easter Sale in iTunes App Store

dead space ios thumb

Dead Space is on sale for only $0.99, as is NBA Jam. You need to own these two games if you have an iPhone — it’s that simple.

NBA Jam iOS Gets (Some) Multiplayer in New Update

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There’s also a new iPad version of the game.

Notable Mobiles: iPhone’s Best Games of the Week

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Having trouble finding something new worth playing on your iPhone? Check out the games our favorite findings from this week.

NBA Jam iOS Review

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The iPhone port of EA’s NBA Jam update is a blast to play — but it doesn’t have multiplayer, which is incredibly, soul-crushingly unfortunate.

Teaser Video Shows NBA Jam Gameplay on iPhone (VIDEO)

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Get ready to take it to the hole with President Obama and Sarah Palin, on your iPhone.

2010 Video Game Gift Guide


When you deliver your list of holiday demands, choose from this list.

NBA Jam Launch Trailer (360 and PS3)


This trailer explains everything about the game in 90 seconds.

NBA Jam Will Be out on PS3 and 360 In November


They’re really, really sorry about that NBA Elite thing.

NBA Jam Review


Midway’s classic arcade baller returns to the Wii under EA’s watchful eyes.. it is on fire or just a cash-in dud?

NBA Jam Shipping as a Standalone on PS3 and 360

nba jam 517

This a side effect of the NBA Elite 11 delay.

Hey, You Got Some NBA Jam in my NBA Elite

nba jam

Hey, you got some NBA Elite in my NBA Jam.

NBA Jam Probably No Longer Wii-Exclusive

The supposedly Wii-exclusive revival of NBA Jam from EA Sports may not be so exclusive anymore. The crazy dunking, ball-on-fire…

NBA Jam E3 2010 Hands-On Impressions

NBA Jam is a game that has a distinct why-the-hell-haven’t-I-been-remade-yet quality about it. It was a smash hit in the…