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Comic-Con 2011: SOE Triple Preview Feature


Hands-on with three Sony contenders and inside scoops into their futures. Can you say Payday movie?

Mike Patton Still Hasn’t Finished Red Dead Redemption


It’s been more than a year!

Comic-Con 2011: 7 Minutes With Musician and The Darkness 2 Voice Actor Mike Patton


7 minutes of heaven, I mean!

Comic-Con 2011: Arkham City Double Hands-On Preview


Two completely different playthroughs, one EPIC hands-on preview. Check out what we saw on the show floor and behind closed doors.

Comic-Con 2011: Journey (and friends) Panel Recap


The creators of Journey, Papa & Yo, Payday: The Heist, and Sideway: New York all on one panel! That’s 4 for the price of… well, whatever Comic-Con cost.

Comic-Con 2011: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Panel Recap


Another game already? Get all the Ultimate MvC3 details straight from the creators’ mouths.

Comic-Con 2011: Resistance 3 Panel Recap


Why Resistance 3 will play more like Fall of Man and what’s the deal with Insomniac’s browser-based MMO?

The Cosplay of Comic-Con 2011 (PICS) And Some Other Stuff


There was plenty of cosplay.

Comic-Con 2011: Capcom Panel Recap


Capcom’s got a lot on its plate, but their SDCC11 panel focused on three.

Comic-Con 2011: Hands on with War in the North

war in the north 2

When Sauron’s minions start wreaking havoc in Northern Middle-Earth it’ll take a new group of heroes to stop them and a new game to tell the tale.

Comic-Con 2011: David Jaffe Talks Twisted Metal with Fans


Whenever David Jaffe’s involved, you know that something awesome is going to happen.

Comic-Con 2011: Dragon’s Dogma Hands-On Preview


We go hands on with Dragon’s Dogma at Comic-Con, and we’re not as excited as we hoped to be.

Comic-Con 2011: Hands-On With Mass Effect 3


We got our hot little hands on Mass Effect 3.

Comic-Con 2011: Vote Right Now For Mass Effect 3′s Default Female Shepherd


All you need is a Facebook page and an opinion.

Comic-Con 2011: Journey Hands-On Preview


We get our hands on Journey, the PS3 exclusive from thatgamecompany, while we’re exploring Comic-Con.

Comic-Con 2011: Skyrim Gameplay Footage Is Majestic (VIDEO)


Here be dragons.

Comic-Con 2011: Marvel Announces New F2P MMO “Marvel Universe Online”


Dibs on Daredevil.

Capcom Confirms Release Dates For HD Versions Of Resident Evil 4, Code: Veronica


Click inside and thrill to our understanding of the Gregorian calendar system.

Comic-Con 2011: Mass Effect 3 Producer Interview — Mod Tools, PC Port, Girl-on-girl Action


We chose all the “nice” conversation options. +10 to Paragon!

Comic-Con 2011: Resistance 3 Beta Date Announced


Excitement is…irresistible.

Comic-Con 2011: Nolan North Is Writing a Book About Uncharted


It’s titled “Indiana Jones is a pussy.” Actually, it’s not.

Comic-Con 2011: Behind the Scenes with Earth Defense Force’s Sexiest Recruits (VIDEO)


Ending the alien menace. While wearing a leather brassiere.

Comic-Con 2011: First Screenshot of TellTale’s “Walking Dead” Game Is Poignant, Spooky


Despite not having any actual zombies in it!

This Is The True Deus Ex 3 (MEGA64 VIDEO)

deus ex 3

Some fake things are better than reality.

Comic-Con 2011: New Halo Anniversary Video


Remakes rule!!

Comic-Con 2011: Diablo Lore Book in the Works


Stay a while and listen.

Comic-Con 2011: Gears of War 3 Has Custom Graffiti, Courtesy of Artist OG Slick (TRAILER)


Tagging, but not with grenades.

Comic-Con 2011: Old Republic Talks Speeders, Advanced Classes, Companion Characters, and More


Gamefront brings you the choicest bits of the Old Republic panel.

Comic-Con 2011: Win a Preorder Code for Star Wars: The Old Republic

old republic

With Star Wars: The Old Republic aiming to release this Christmas, you’ll want to get your preorder code now.

The Penguin Heads to Arkham City (TRAILER)

arkham city penguin

Also, Batman beats up some dudes.

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