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Watch Dogs Release Date Announced, Get Hacking in May


Future Chicago will open to hackers on May 27. That’s when Ubisoft says Watch Dogs, a game originally set for…

Microsoft Prepping DirectX 12, Details at GDC 2014


Microsoft hasn’t released an all-new version of its API since DirectX 11 launched in 2008. It appears that will change…

Gearbox Unveils the Homeworld Remastered Collection


Homeworld HD is now Homeworld Remastered, a title the developers say better reflects their comprehensive effort to remake the classic…

Kerbal Space Program To Receive New Ship Parts From NASA Collaboration

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program will be integrating new and realistic NASA spacecraft parts in the near future. The new parts will…

Tiny Brains Dev Announces New Feedback-Based Game Project


Spearhead Studios has announced plans to make a new “competitive physics-based video game.” The studio, which has previously released the…

Do it Yourself: Steam Becoming a ‘Self-Publishing System’


Valve is working to make Steam a place where developers can publish their own games. That’s the biggest takeaway from…

BattleBlock Theater Heading to Steam, Beta Coming Soon


The Behemoth (Castle Crashers) is bringing BattleBlock Theater to Steam this spring, and now is your chance to get into…

The Phantom Pain is ’200 Times Bigger’ than Ground Zeroes


This news should satisfy fans worried about getting a bang for their buck in Snake’s next adventure: Hideo Kojima says…

Tip-Toe Through the Dark Halls of Frictional’s SOMA


The next frightener from Frictional (Amnesia, Penumbra) isn’t due until next year, but the devs are already bringing the creepy…

Zeno Clash Developers Reveal New Game, Abyss Odyssey


ACE Team, the Chilean developers behind Zeno Clash, are gearing up to take us on the Abyss Odyssey. With a…

Report: Uncharted Writer Amy Hennig ‘Forced Out’ at Naughty Dog

Amy_Hennig thumb

According to reports, Uncharted’s

Layoffs Confirmed at Eidos Montreal

Eidos Montreal

Eidos Montreal is laying off a portion of its workers. According to reports confirmed by Square Enix, Eidos Montreal has…

Respawn Releases Titanfall Launch Trailer


With Titanfall’s launch only a week away, its developers at Respawn have released a new launch trailer. The trailer, which…

Cooperative Dungeon Game Crawl Finds Steam Greenlight Success


Powerhoof’s cooperative/competitive dungeoneering game Crawl has been Greenlit on Steam. The game, which was added to Steam Greenlight just yesterday,…

It’s Official — Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight Revealed


Update: As promised, here’s the new trailer. It shows off several iconic villains, as well as a shiny new Batmobile….

Dark Knight Returns — Retailer Leaks Batman: Arkham Knight


We were expecting Warner Brothers to make a big announcement soon, but it appears UK retailer Game beat the publisher…

Watch 17 Minutes of Heroes of the Storm Gameplay


Blizzard is gearing up for Heroes of the Storm alpha testing, but based a lengthy gameplay video Game Director Dustin…

Luftrausers Takes Flight in Two Weeks


You’d never know it by the 8-bit presentation, but Vlambeer (Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing) has been working on its old-school…

Fix the Netcode! DICE Details Work On Common Battlefield Issues


In a detailed post on the official Battlefield blog, DICE addresses the elephant in the server room, the so-called Battlefield…

Blizzard Prepping Heroes of the Storm Alpha Invites

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has announced that it shortly intends to start inviting players to the technical alpha for Heroes of the Storm….

Gabe Newell is Doing a Reddit AMA Today at 1 PM PST


Gabe Newell, head honcho of Valve, is taking to Reddit to answer your questions this afternoon. About a month ago,…

Dark Souls II May Hit PCs in April 2014

Dark Souls II PC Release

PC gamers waiting for Dark Souls II may not to have to wait much longer than their console counterparts to…

Valve Launches Steam Family Library Sharing

Valve Steam Family Sharing

Back in September 2013, Valve announced that it would be adding new family library sharing functionality to its wildly successful…

Trion Worlds: End of Nations “On Hold,” Future in Doubt


Trion’s troubled real-time strategy game turned tactical MOBA, End of Nations, appears to have hit the end of the development…

Kickstarter Tops $1 Billion in Pledges, Games Rake in Most Dough


And to think, when Tim Schafer was able to crowdfund $3.3 million for Double Fine Adventure (aka Broken Age) in…

BioWare Mulling Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster for PS4, XOne


There could be a future in store for Commander Shepard after all. Aaryn Flynn, GM of BioWare’s Edmonton and Montreal…

Apparent Leak Outs Detailed Images of Titanfall’s 15 Maps


With just over a week to go before launch, the code to Respawn’s vault has been cracked and Titanfall‘s secrets…

Owners of Interceptor Entertainment Acquire 3D Realms


The curious case of 3D Realms and Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction just got curiouser. Last week we reported that Gearbox…

Sony Listing Suggests June Release Date for Watch Dogs


Spring of 2014 is the release window Ubisoft penciled in for Watch Dogs after the open world hackathon was delayed…

Get a Beta Key During The Elder Scrolls Online Livestream Today

teso snakes thumb

We’re giving away beta keys if you tune into our Twitch stream today at 1 p.m. PST.

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