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Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies Will Swarm Onto Steam

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Logo 140x

Counter-Strike has seen multiple re-releases in North America, but none quite like what was developed for Asia. Counter-Strike Online 2…

Vindictus Introduces Vella, Sword-Slinging Fighter Extraordinaire


It’s only fitting that, after hitting every other character archetype over the years, Nexon finally revisited their first character for the start of Season 2 and brought us something similar-but-different.

Obviously False Rumor: Nexon Looking To Buy Valve



Nexon: Consoles Should Embrace F2P Or Die


Hahahahahahahahah. Sigh. HAHAHAHAHAH.

GDC 2012: Face-to-Face With Warface


Hands-on with Crytek’s new free-to-play shooter.

Combat Arms: Zombies Trailer


Just in time for Halloween!

Dragon Nest – Saint’s Haven Update Skills Video


Even more Dragon’s Nest to look at.

Dragon Nest – Saint’s Haven Update Overview Video


New goodies for the F2P action RPG explained in this post.

MapleStory – Monster Park Trailer


OK, this is just too adorably adorable.

Kill All Comers with Khun Phaen in Atlantica Online (TRAILER)


Khun Phaen don’t play.

Vindictus’ Lann & Fiona Lay Waste to Some Monsters (VIDEO)


An MMO that’s not just waiting for cooldowns? That’s unpossible!

Nexon is Bringing New Stuff to Combat Arms with Fusion (TRAILER)

combat arms thumb

A bunch of new features are on their way to Combat Arms.

Atlantica Online Goes Tower Defense with Spelltower Siege (TRAILER)


Nice spelltower. Wouldn’t want anything to…happen to it.

Look Out! Mecha Tau is Metamorphosing in Dungeon Fighters Online! (TRAILER)

dungeon fighter online mecha tau thumb

It’s a metal monster and it looks like you have to fight it.

Free-to-Play MMO Dragon Nest Now Available (TRAILER)

dragon nest thumb

More free timesinks!

Have A Look At Dungeon Fighter Online – Thief Class (Video)


Enjoy the anime style graphics and haunting mid 90s J-pop music.