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Man Breaks PS4, Screams Outside Best Buy


Last night Phil Hornshaw and I went to the Gamestop on Sunset Boulevard in east Hollywoos for the PS4 launch,…

5-Minute inFamous Second Son PS4 Gameplay Video Materializes


Pulled by someone out of thin air, we have a five-minute look at gamesplay in the much-anticipated PS4 exclusive title…

Trine 2 PS4 Launch Trailer Demonstrates Console’s Mettle


A less touted launch title for the PS4 is Trine 2: The Complete Story. It’s a two-year-old game, but this…

Killzone Shadow Fall Launch Trailer Gets You Pumped


While admittedly not as pump-up-worthy as the story trailer from a couple weeks ago, this launch trailer for Killzone: Shadow…

One More Trailer for PS4′s Best Reviewed Launch Game

Resogun (5)

The PlayStation 4 will have two high profile exclusives at launch, Guerrilla’s Killzone: Shadow Fall and Japan Studio’s Knack. And…

Killzone: Shadow Fall Tech Trailer Flexes PlayStation 4′s Muscles


Which next gen console is for you? Game Front can help you make your decision with our Xbox One vs….

Video: Taking Xbox One’s Snap Feature For A Spin

Xbox Snap Internet Explorer 140x

One of the new UI features coming with the forthcoming Xbox One is Snap, a tool that allows you to…