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Microsoft Replacing Noisy Xbox One Systems

Xbox One

Perhaps the biggest downside to getting a next-gen console on launch day is that you’re also likely to pick up…

Ghosts: Devastation DLC – Encrypted Intel Locations Guide


Access the missing data in Mayday and grab these collectibles with our quick DLC locations guide.

Thief (2014): Two-Faced Achievement Guide


Find the twin masks in the first chapter of Thief with our quick achievement guide.

Thief (2014): Collectible Treasure Locations Guide


Go treasure hunting with Garret.

Thief (2014): Chrono Trigger – Frog’s Theme Easter Egg [Video]


The great hero returns in musical form.

Thief (2014) Cheats


Steal away with these Thief extras, unlockables, collectibles and guides.

Thief (2014) Trophies


Steal away these bronze, silver, gold or platinum trophies for your Thief collection.

Thief (2014) Achievements


Crime does pay in points.

Thief (2014) Walkthrough


Get rich or die trying.

Ryse: Son of Rome – Gladiator Mode Video Guide


Conquer the Roman arena with James!

Ghosts: Onslaught DLC – Encrypted Intel Locations Guide


Get the intel in Nightfall with these locations.

Sony: 2.1 Million Copies Of Killzone: Shadow Fall Sold (Into Channel) Worldwide

killzone shadow fall podcast thumb

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that over two million copies of Killzone: Shadow Fall have shipped since the game’s release…

Dead Rising 3: Operation Eagle DLC Guide


Military intelligence isn’t just a contradiction of terms anymore.

Don’t Starve: Console Edition Adventure Guide


Don’t Starve on the PS4 with Game Front.

Alien: Isolation is ‘The “Alien” Game We’ve Always Wanted to Play’


Everything we’ve learned about The Creative Assembly’s upcoming survival-horror game, Alien: Isolation, based on Ridley Scott’s 1979 film “Alien.”

PSA: Delayed Battlefield 4 Double XP Event Starts Tomorrow

Battlefield 4 Premium Tag 140x

A new message just popped up on the Battlelog ticker, saying the delayed Battlefield 4 Premium December Double XP event…

EA Is Being Sued Because Battlefield 4 Is Broken

battlefield 4 thumb

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against EA by Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, a law firm based in…

Video: The Hobbit Adventures Into LEGO Territory

LEGO The Hobbit 140x

Keeping with the proud tradition of turning gargantuan Hollywood properties into tremendously fun video games based on yellow plastic figures…

DICE Pushes Out Delayed Battlefield 4 Update For Xbox One

Battlefield 4 Cover 140x

Remember that delayed Xbox One update for Battlefield 4 we were talking about yesterday? It’s finally here! It’s a FESTIVUS…

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Demo Out Now, DLC Coming Dec. 24

Dead Rising 3 Logo 140x

Dead Rising 3 was an Xbox One launch title, but anyone who was on the fence about Capcom’s latest zombie…

NPD: November Biggest Month for Gaming Hardware on Record


I don’t want to do this. I really don’t… but I do have a reason for deciding to report on…

Holiday Deals: Best Buy’s Xbox Odyssey, Amazon’s Bethesda Bonanza

Xbox One Logo Green 140x

Best Buy and Amazon have some new deals just in time for the holidays. Starting with the latter, Amazon has…

Coming Soon: Battlefield 4 “Combined” Xbox One Mega Patch

battlefield 4 thumb

The Xbox One is finally getting the Battlefield 4 patch it needs, according to DICE and Battlelog. An update that…

Video: Rayman Legends Coming To Xbox One And PS4

Rayman Legends Logo 140x

Snoop Lion or Snoopzilla or whatever the deuce his name is now helped Ubisoft announce Rayman Legends for next-gen consoles…

Report: Wicked Cool Game Fallout 4 Is Coming To Boston, Kid

Boston Red Sox Fallout 4 140x

The EMP blast from the nukes permanently parks all cars in Harvard Yard.

First Xbox One Patch Arrives, MS Reports 2M Consoles Sold


If you’re using the Instant On feature for your Xbox One, the system will reboot the next time you fire…

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Box Art, Trailers & Release Date

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Box Art 140x

Snake is back on Xbox 360 and PS3! And PS4! And Xbox One! And… First things first: Metal Gear Solid…

Xbox One Hard Drive Full at 362GBs


In our review of Microsoft’s Xbox One, we noted a number of frustrating omissions, including issues with hard drive management….

[Trailer] Thief: Live Free Or Thief Harder With A Vengeance


If you missed this latest Thief trailer during Spike’s VGX extravaganza, here it is for your Internet enjoyment. This latest…

Harmonix Lays Off A “Small Number” Of Staff In Course Correction

Harmonix Logo 140x

Harmonix has confirmed that a “small number” of employees were let go today in what the Cambridge, MA-based is calling…

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