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Xbox One Disc Drive, Loading Screen Issues Reported


Which next gen console is for you? We can help! Check out Game Front’s Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Ultimate…

Ryse: Son of Rome Achievements


Win the crowd’s approval with all-new achievements on the Xbox One.

Ryse: Son of Rome Cheats


Rise up to the extra challenges in Son of Rome with Game Front’s list of extras, unlockables, and articles.

Ryse: Son of Rome Walkthrough


Pax Romana? More like Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Xbox One Teardown (Kinda) Keeps Replaceable HDD Train Rolling

iFixit Xbox One Teardown 140x

iFixit recent;y gave the Xbox One it’s tried and true teardown treatment. Along with showing off the One’s optical drive,…

Where to Find an Xbox One at Launch


Which next gen console is for you? We can help! Check out Game Front’s Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Ultimate…

Sony Is Probably Losing Money On Every PS4, But Not Much


  IHS revealed its PS4 teardown today, and the firm says each PlayStation 4 costs Sony about $381 to build….

Killzone: Shadow Fall Review — Killing In the Name Of

halghast killzone

It’s a new age for PlayStation, and with it Sony chose to have Guerrilla Games introduce a new age for…

PSA: The Xbox One Kinect Does Not Have X-Ray Vision


No X-ray vision here. Move along, folks.

PlayStation 4 Gets 1.51 System Update

Playstation DualShock 4 Blue 140x

New software is going to your PS4 RIGHT NOW!

How Loud is the Xbox One? Compared to PS4?


Which next gen console is for you? Game Front can help! Check out our Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Ultimate…

Amazon To Open Xbox One Pre-orders One Last Time Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, Amazon will apparently be clearing out what’s left of its stock of available Day One Xbones, as…

Resogun: How to Save All Humans – Humanist Trophy Guide


Like John Freeman, become a savior of humans.

Blizzard: Console Diablo 3 ‘Was Not Planned from the Start’

diablo 3 reaper of souls 2 thumb

Blizzard’s Matthew Berger says releasing Diablo 3 on PC was not a chance to beta test it for eventual console ports.

Resogun: How to Get 15x Multiplier – (10+1.5+3.5) Trophy Guide


Go big or go home.

Video May Have Revealed Microsoft’s Xbox One HMD


Did Microsoft just give us an unintentional peek at its rumored Xbox One head-mounted display? In a new MS video…

Microsoft Demonstrates Xbox One’s Video Capture Tools


Which next gen console is for you? Game Front can help you make your decision with our Xbox One vs….

Best Buy Offering “Minimum” $100 Credit for PS3, Xbox 360 Trade-in


Which next gen console is for you? We can help! Check out Game Front’s Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Ultimate…

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Newspapers Collectible Locations


Find the latest reports from the Vektan front.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Comic Books Collectible Locations


The adventures of Captain Helghan.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Dossiers Collectible Locations


Military intelligence isn’t just an oxymoron anymore. It’s also a collectible.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Audio Logs Collectible Locations


Check off another cliche FPS staple from the list.

Tomb Raider 2013 Will Apparently Appear on PS4 and Xbox One

tomb raider 7

There are two disparate sources pointing to the Tomb Raider reboot being released on PlayStation 4 and Xbone next year….

SCE CEO Says PS4 Stock Will Be In Good Shape Into 2014


The launch of new high profile tech hardware, be it iPads or Galaxy phones or game consoles, always come with…

Resogun Review – Defender For A New Age


Whether for free or for $15, Resogun is the best value among the PS4′s launch lineup

Contrast Review – Potential is Lost in the Shadows


If you look at the surge of great puzzle platformers in recent years – games like Braid, Portal, VVVVVV, and…

Star Citizen on Next Gen Consoles? Chris Roberts Speaks


“Star Citizen IS a PC game. It will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform. We will NOT limit…

UPDATE! Blue Pulse of Pain Could Be PS4′s Red Ring of Death


UPDATE: Sony is acknowledging the PlayStation 4′s blue pulse of pain problem, noting on the official PS4 Support Forum that,…

Man Breaks PS4, Screams Outside Best Buy


Last night Phil Hornshaw and I went to the Gamestop on Sunset Boulevard in east Hollywoos for the PS4 launch,…

Game Front Podcast #9: PS4 Failures, BlizzCon, Burial at Sea

welcome to the new age thumb

Playstation 4 is here! It might be broken when you get it out of the box! BlizzCon 2013 was last week! We’ve been back to Rapture!

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