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Secondary CPU Found in PlayStation 4 Teardown


The original PlayStation 3 included a second CPU, Sony’s Emotion Engine chip, to enable backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 2….

Uncharted 4 Announced For PS4


Are you putting off the purchase of a next generation console for now? That might be a wise choice, since…

Xbox Live Gold Members Will Get Free Xbox One Games Too

halo 3

In the months since Microsoft launched the Games With Gold program, a poor attempt to match PlayStation Plus giving out…

5-Minute inFamous Second Son PS4 Gameplay Video Materializes


Pulled by someone out of thin air, we have a five-minute look at gamesplay in the much-anticipated PS4 exclusive title…

Call of Duty: Ghosts PC Review – Where’d All the Frames Go?


This review is for the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, and mostly addresses features specific to that platform….

Trine 2 PS4 Launch Trailer Demonstrates Console’s Mettle


A less touted launch title for the PS4 is Trine 2: The Complete Story. It’s a two-year-old game, but this…

Killzone Shadow Fall Launch Trailer Gets You Pumped


While admittedly not as pump-up-worthy as the story trailer from a couple weeks ago, this launch trailer for Killzone: Shadow…

One More Trailer for PS4′s Best Reviewed Launch Game

Resogun (5)

The PlayStation 4 will have two high profile exclusives at launch, Guerrilla’s Killzone: Shadow Fall and Japan Studio’s Knack. And…

Xbox One and PS4 Both Get Need for Speed Rivals in 1080p


Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry took at a look at Need for Speed: Rivals running on both PS4 and Xbox One, and…

Killzone: Shadow Fall Tech Trailer Flexes PlayStation 4′s Muscles


Which next gen console is for you? Game Front can help you make your decision with our Xbox One vs….

Sony: No 3D Blu-ray on PS4 at Launch


Which next-gen console is for you? Game Front can help you make your decision with our massive Xbox One vs….

Oculus: Next-Gen Consoles “Too Limited For What We’re Planning”

Oculus VR Logo Alt 140x

Oculus VR has no plans to bring its Rift VR headset to next-gen consoles, according to TechRadar. During an interview…

Target: PS4 & Xbox One Games Are Buy Two, Get One Free [updated]

PS4 Xbox One Combo 140x

UPDATE: This sale only applies to PS4 games, not Xbox One titles. Sorry for the mess, everyone! Target has a…

Blizzard: Sorry, No Gamepad Support For Diablo 3 PC

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls 140x

Blizzard will not be bringing gamepad support to Diablo 3 on PC, despite the games’ availability on current- and next-gen…

Video: Taking Xbox One’s Snap Feature For A Spin

Xbox Snap Internet Explorer 140x

One of the new UI features coming with the forthcoming Xbox One is Snap, a tool that allows you to…

Amazon Adds PlayStation Network Store Ahead of PS4 Launch


Which next-gen console will be better? Game Front gives the definitive opinion with our massive Xbox One and PlayStation 4…

Game Front Podcast #8: AC4 Problems & How Game Reviews Work

gf podcast 8 thumb

Sit down with the editors at Game Front as we talk about what’s going on in gaming this week.

Sony May “Monitor and Record” PSN Voice and Text Communications


Big Brother is watching.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Is Sub-1080p on Xbox One (RUMOR)


Surprise, surprise.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Cheats


Avoid falling into the Killzone. Get guides, collectible locations, and much more.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Trophies


Check out the leaked trophies for Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough


Shine light into Shadow Fall with Game Front’s massive mission guide.

Diablo 3 Open Q&A


Sequential events, transferring PS3 saves to PS4.

The Existential Crisis of Reviewing Assassin’s Creed 4


Assassin’s Creed IV is fun. It’s also roughly the same game as every other title in the franchise. So how do we judge it?

If Made Microsoft’s CEO, Stephen Elop Might Sell The Xbox Division


Microsoft needs a new CEO, and the list has reportedly been shortened to four or five candidates. Ford CEO Alan…

Here Are All The Apps Launching With The Xbox One & PS4

Xbox One Logo Green 140x

  Microsoft has confirmed which entertainment apps will be available on the Xbox One when it launches on November 22nd….

Titanfall Collector’s Edition Comes with Huge Schematic Poster


One may even call the poster… titanic.

BioWare Teases Next Mass Effect with Images


The images basically show nothing.

Video: Watch Wired & Sony Disassemble A PS4


Sony and Wired expose the guts of the PS4.

Poll: More Gamers Will Buy A PS4 Instead of An Xbox One


55% vs. 45%.

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