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Worf Will Be Slaying Vamps In The Castlevania Movie

castlevania lords of shadow 2 thumb

Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen.

Nintendo Once Made The Silliest Peripheral Ever


Why didn’t this ever see the light of day?

Google Aims To Win April Fools Day With Google Maps For NES


“Blow on the cartridge to fix bugs.”

Hungarian Developer Seeking Funding For Battletoads Sequel


This is awesome, but sketchy.

The 5 Greatest Gaming Moments Of All Time


5 moments that shook the world… or maybe just made us laugh.

VGAs 2011: Zelda Franchise First Ever Inductee Into The Video Game Hall of Fame


Shigeru Miyamoto was on hand to accept, and to be charmingly Japanese.

How To Deal With Customers Who Return Nintendo Hardware in 1991 (VIDEO)

nintendo training

You’ll never be at a loss ever again.

Awesome. A Mario Bros. Flash Mob Descended On Austin



Yep. Princess Peach Pinup.


WARNING: Creepy sexy painting of a creepy hot Princess Peach inside. (Mildly NSFW)

The History Of Terrible Batman Games


Let’s just say most of them aren’t the Arkham series…

If Video Game Characters Had To Find Real Jobs


It isn’t easy bringing home the bacon once the quest is over. We show you how five classic characters pull it off.

How Super Mario Bros. Should Have Ended


This actually makes a lot more sense.

Watch This Freestyle Rapper Rhyme About Punch Out


Little Mac is totally bobbing his head.

Check Out These Gender-Inverted Super Mario Bros. Characters


Super Maria Sisters!

Mario Money, Mario Problems


Click to see a Mario-ified US Dollar in all its glory.

Mario Graphic Created With The Power Of Math


Finally, a use for a scientific calculator other than spelling 8008135.

Rumor: New IP Will Accompany Wii 2


And supposedly, the game will be shown off at E3.

8-Bit Link Cosplay


My heart container belongs to whoever who made this. Click ‘read more’ to see for yourself.

Watch This Super Mario Themed Wedding Proposal (Video)

Screen shot 2011-04-26 at 1.01.09 PM

Watch this super boyfriend bring Mario Sunshine to his SMB-loving girlfriend finacee.

8-Bit Love At Tokyo Fashion Week 2011


In the far off future of Fall 2011, we will all dress like the 80′s version of the future.

This Is What’s In Those Bottomless Pits Mario Always Falls In (PIC)

the pit


An Actually Interesting Tool-Assisted Mario Speedrun


It’s interesting because he was playing four games at once.

10 Nintendo 3DS Games We’d Like To See (LIST)


10 Games that should exist, and probably would if Nintendo didn’t take so long to bring out new product.

Super Pierre Bros. Oui Is Tres Bien


What if Super Mario was a De Gaullist? The lingua franca just became 100% more fantastique!

DIY Super Mario Bros. Coin Block


Nothing you read today could possibly top this. Nothing.

Thisb NES Breathalyzer Gamse Is lefit, Apaartnely

party cat

If donly I had an NES and t aTV with mea t all times..

Mario and Luigi’s Power Ups REVEALED


Click the link to discover the haunting secret of Mushroom Kingdom.

Check out ‘La Cumbia de Hyrule’ to Celebrate Link’s 25th

hyrule cumbia thumb

Another awesome tribute to the 25th anniversary of the first Legend of Zelda release. This one’s musical, not awkward cosplay.

This Ankle Wins at Video Game Tattoos

konami code tattoo thumb

Not horrible. Not badly drawn. Not taking up 90 percent of your body. Yeah, this is high in the running for the best one ever.

Left 4 Dead Mario


We are in love with this L4D (w.i.p.) recreation of Super Mario Bros. W 1-1. And you will be too.

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