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Nintendo Apologizes For Excluding Gays In Tomodachi Life

tomodachi life cover thumb

After dismissing same-sex relationships as “social commentary” earlier this week, Nintendo has issued an apology — but says Tomodachi Life’s heterosexual-only relationships can’t be changed.

‘Not Sending a Message’ Is Not an Acceptable Defense for Games

tomodachi life same sex thum

Nintendo claims Tomodachi Life is “not trying to provide social commentary” by not including same-sex relationships, but making that choice to ignore that same-sex relationships exist is a statement itself.

The Legend of Zelda’s Temple of Time Rebuilt in Unreal Engine 4

master sword hd

The Temple of Time from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been recreated in Unreal Engine 4. The…

Walmart Going After GameStop with Used Games Push


They’re late to the game, but Walmart wants its piece of the used-games market pie.  Given that this is Walmart…

James vs. Games 50: James Takes on Mega Man 2

james vs games 50 thumb

Can James defeat Metal Man, or will he find himself going the way of Needle Boy?

Expect A More Integrated Nintendo In The Future, Says Iwata

Nintendo Iwata Wii U 140x

It’s been a tough spell for Nintendo as of late — lower-than-expected sales and revenue aren’t a duo any game…

Nintendo to Make Phone App, Possibly Games As Well


Nintendo has an internal development team tasked with building a Nintendo app for smartphones and other mobile devices, President Satoru…

Nintendo Issued Court Order to Forfeit 1.82% of 3DS Sales


Due to unlawful patent infringement.

Wii U Gamepad Hacked for Streaming PC Gaming


When Nintendo first unveiled the Wii U and its funky tablet/controller, I envisioned the console acting as a streaming server…

Minecraft Is Not Coming To The Wii U, Says Notch

Mario in Minecraft 140x

  Minecraft is not coming to Wii U anytime soon, unfortunately. Earlier this week, Nintendo Enthusiast said its retail sources…

Nintendo Confirms Zelda, Rainbow Road For Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros Wii U Zelda 140x

Nintendo has confirmed that Princess Zelda will be back in the fight when Super Smash Bros. comes to Wii U…

Nintendo Wii U Trailer BONANZA! Mario Kart, Remix, & Super Smash

Mario Kart 8 140x


PS4 Eclipses Lifetime Wii U UK Sales In One Weekend

PS4 Logo Thumbnail 140x

  While us ‘muricans were eating turkey and watching The Abomination of Rugby this holiday weekend, Sony’s PS4 console launched…

Game Front Podcast #11: Does 2013 Even Have A GOTY?


With Thanksgiving happening this week, we take some time – a LOT of time actually – to talk about a…

New Super Mario 3D World Video Walkthrough


It’s new. It’s 3D. It’s Super Mario World with Mitch. What else can you ask for?

No Slowing The GameStop Money Train: Sales Up 18.8%

GameStop Logo Money Black 140x

GameStop has all the money, according to its Q3 FY2013 earnings report. The chain is reporting an 18.8 percent boost…

15 Pictures of Way-Too-Good Video Game Pumpkins


Yesterday I was at Phil Hornshaw’s house, and I saw one of the pumpkins he had carved over the weekend….

China Is Lifting Ban On Video Game Console Sales

China flag Xbox Logo 140x

Chinese citizens will soon *officially* join the modern console gaming collective. For the first time in 13 years, companies like…

The Wonderful 101 Walkthrough


Go full Sentai against the Kaiju threat and see how to bring down each giant monster with our text guide.

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Video Walkthrough


Sail the seas with Game Front as your guide.

You Can Shatter Vases In Real Life With This Master Sword


Break all the things.

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata Speaks Against Laying Off Employees


Laying off employees is no solution to a company’s problems, says Satoru Iwata.

Friday Flame Wars: Who Won E3? Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo?


Sony. Come dare to disagree with me.

An Evening With iam8bit: Custom Consoles, Retro Renditions & Art

iam8bit Entertainment System 140x

Awesome video game-inspired art within!

The Evolution of Nintendo Handhelds in GIF Form


It’s the evolution of the Nintendo handheld throughout the years, in GIF form.

Game Front Gauntlet: Mario Kart Wii


Vroom! Vroom! Who’s the fastest racer?

Nintendo Direct Recap: A Flood of Luigis


This edition of Nintendo Direct catered heavily to the 3DS.

The Legend of Zelda Reimagined with Zelda as the Lead


What would it be like if Zelda was the lead character in her own game?

Check Out Our New Multiplayer Show, Game Front Gauntlet

game front gauntlet 1 thumb

The Game Front Video Team has a new show for the Game Front YouTube Channel, and it’s all about multiplayer…

Nyko’s CES Lineup Wants Your Wii U to be Awesome

Nyko-Pro-Commander thumb

Nyko’s Wii U accessories offer significant battery life improvements.

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