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Nintendo 3DS Price Drop Announced


Sooner than anyone expected!

Comic-Con 2011: Tales of the Abyss Trailer Has Angst


Being a aristocratic teenager in an anime fantasy world is just so HARD, y’know?

Mario Money, Mario Problems


Click to see a Mario-ified US Dollar in all its glory.

Classic Video Games Reimagined As Classic Books


It makes sense. Up up down down left right left right abab select start is almost metered.

Don’t Go in the Water in the Mushroom Kingdom, Shirt Shows (PIC)

threadless bowser jaws shirt thumb

It’s cooler than that thumbnail.

Huge Game Library Means This Kid Will Grow Up, Stay a Virgin Forever (PIC)

every game kid thumb

Would you leave that room if you didn’t have to? Sunlight and human contact are overrated.

Watch The Lowest Scoring No-Die Super Mario Bros. Run Ever (Video)


You have to really make an effort to succeed this poorly!

Former Sony Engineer Suing Nintendo Over 3DS Patent Infringement


Nintendo plans to dodge this bullet by changing renaming the 3DS ‘DualShock’.

Ever Wonder Why Mario is Willing to Risk Fiery Death for Princess Peach? (PIC)(Probably NSFW)

peach nsfw small thumb

It’s not because he’d like to be prince of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Nintendo’s Wii U Online Strategy: Can’t Someone Else Do it?


They also have some less than promising things to say about other aspects of the upcoming TV Cabinet dust collector.

Artist Re-Imagines Mario Enemies 2000% Scarier

spiny 2

All of a sudden the Mushroom Kingdom isn’t as cheerful as we thought.

PAX Prime 2011 Musical Lineup Announced


It’s nerdy. But we’ve included some videos for you to watch.

E3 2011 – Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Report Cards

Report Card Thumb

Want to know who won E3? Find out what one writer thought in our E3 Report Card.

*SIGH* Sega Hacked.


This is starting to get a little played out.

Watch The Legacy Music Dance Party (Video)

Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 5.28.19 PM

It’s Dick Clark’s 8-bit Bandstand.

Realistic 3-D Fishing on your 3-DS with Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D! (TRAILER)

anglers club thumb

Fish! In 3-D!

A Plethora Of Video Game Companies Hacked In Recent Days


Jefe, do you even know what a plethora is?

Huge New Details About Project Cafe For E3 2011


Looks like Nintendo is going to party like it’s 1999.

‘Link to the Future’ Tries Valiantly to Explain Hyrule’s History, with Doc Brown’s Help

link to the future thumb

Ever try to parse the timeline of what the hell happens in Hyrule? I mean, there are about 90 games…

Make This Awesome Puppet Ganon from Wind Waker Out of Paper

paper ganon thumb

Suddenly arts and crafts don’t sound so dumb.

99 Bullets Launch Trailer (Video)


If you got gun problems we feel bad for you son.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s World Championship 2011 Trailer (Video)


How do I Yu-Gi-Oh? By playing Tetris.

There’s a Whole Lot to Shoot in 99Bullets (TRAILER)

99 bullets thumb

Blast away at all kinds of spacey stuff.

Virtua Tennis 4 – Launch Trailer (video)


Get ready to shout at the judges and get thrown out… in your living room!

Mario Graphic Created With The Power Of Math


Finally, a use for a scientific calculator other than spelling 8008135.

Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights Developer Blog #1 (Video)


More info that you expected from the upcoming 3DS game. Also, new 3DS games are coming.

Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D – Gameplay Trailer (Video)


At last, a 3DS game that gives people what they want: the chance to experience a 3d version of sweating on a southern river.

First Ever Chinese-Developed Gaming Console Unveiled


Nintendo Yawns. Microsoft tries to pretend it doesn’t care. Sony huddles in a corner, crying and calling for its mommy.

Ocarina of Time 3D Trailer Curiously Free of Demanding Fairy

ocarina 3d thumb

Could this mean that there is no Navi, or just that Nintendo doesn’t want to scare off customers?

Rumor: New IP Will Accompany Wii 2


And supposedly, the game will be shown off at E3.

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