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Check out ‘La Cumbia de Hyrule’ to Celebrate Link’s 25th

hyrule cumbia thumb

Another awesome tribute to the 25th anniversary of the first Legend of Zelda release. This one’s musical, not awkward cosplay.

This Ankle Wins at Video Game Tattoos

konami code tattoo thumb

Not horrible. Not badly drawn. Not taking up 90 percent of your body. Yeah, this is high in the running for the best one ever.

Achievements Let Players Get More Out of Games

orange box gnome thumb

Nintendo’s Bill Trinen knocked Achievements recently, but if you ask me, they often make games better, not worse.

Hands On with Nintendo 3DS and Super Street Fighter IV 3D

street fighter 3d thumb

The first North American demo of the 3DS happened at a small kiosk at Capcom’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fight Club event in Los Angeles, and we got to touch it!

YES! Zombies Ate My Neighbors Getting Film Treatment

zombies ate my neighbors thumb

Finally, a game completely and totally fitting of a film version. Please let this happen.

New Wii Kirby Game Suggests Pink Wonder Will Suck More Than Ever!

kirby adventure thumb

I mean that as a compliment. Also, Nintendo’s working on new Wii Pokemon stuff.

Nintendo Thinks 3DS Third Party Lineup ‘Best We’ve Ever Had’

3ds mayamoto

They also hope it makes up for the lack of big franchise first-party games for the spring and early summer.

Super Mario Bros. X Fan Game Mixes Nintendo’s Universes (TRAILER)

mario bros x thumb

You can download it for free, and it even has a level editor.

No Download Store, DSi Support for 3DS at Launch

3ds mayamoto

You’ll also have to use that ludicrous friend code system we loved so much on the Wii, although it’s not quite so grueling or stupid on 3DS.

Contra Box Demos Konami’s Blatant Theft of Cool ’80s Movie Ideas

contra thumb

Contra: Schwarzenegger and Rambo vs. Alien. Thanks, Reddit.

Drunken Argument Ends in Wii to the Face, Assault Charges

wii grab thumb

Violence (against consoles) is wrong.

Hackers Make a Gameboy Advance Phone (VIDEO)

gameboy phone thumb

Sony Ericcson better get that Playstation Phone announced, before it’s eclipsed by something better.

Anti-Gaming Study Flawed, ESA Says

esa thumb

The study attempts to link gaming with mental health issues, but the Electronics Software Association claims there are problems with its methodology.

3DS Battery Lasts 3-5 Hours on New Games

3ds thumb

Don’t expect any marathon gaming session out of the 3DS if you grab one in March. A bummer for Snake Eater fans.

Whole Lotta 3DS Crap Coming Out of Nintendo World 2011 (VIDEOS)

3ds thumb

Nintendo shows lets loose some Japanese videos from Kid Icarus: Uprising and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, plus shows a bunch of other games.

Nintendo DS, Wii Set 2010 Sales Records

ds thumb

According to Nintendo’s numbers, the DS has overtaken the Playstation 2 as best-selling console ever.

Cops Charge Guy With Stealing Gameboy from Casket

gameboy thumb

According to his mom, the guy has a drug problem. If that wasn’t immediately apparent.

New Video Shows 3DS Making Miis with Camera

3ds mayamoto

Watch as the 3DS magically turns a picture of a guy’s face into a Mii, and see some unintelligible moments of the 3DS doing something with augmented reality.

Production 3DS Pics Hit Internet

3ds thumb

Somebody sneaked a non-working 3DS out of a factory so we could bring you photos that don’t really show that much.

Nintendo: 3DS Might Negatively Impact Kids’ Eye Growth

3ds thumb

Nintendo issues a warning against kids younger than six playing 3DS in 3D, hoping to prevent any idiotic lawsuits long before the idea to file them starts germinating in anybody’s head.

Best Handheld Games of 2010


Our staff chronicle the year’s portable powerhouses.

Folks Bought a Buttload of Nintendo Stuff This Weekend


I mean that literally.

World’s Greatest Parents Create A Yoshi’s Island Nursery

MeaD Baby Nursery

Just admit it: You wish they were your parents.

How to Fix Wii Disk Read Errors


Does your Wii click or grind when you insert a game disk? This how to will help fix that issue, as well as telling you how to clean your game disks properly to avoid disk read errors.

Happy Birthday Nintendo


If you were born the day Nintendo released (arguably) the greatest console ever in North America, congratulations: you’re able to rent a car now.

Nintendo Says the 3DS Will Sell Millions!


Nintendo joins the crazy predictions crowd with their forecast for 3DS launch sales. It’s still a $300 device, right?

PlayStation Move Also Kills Miis


A new viral ad for the PlayStation Move takes a little more direct approach at competing with the Nintendo Wii.

Metroid: Other M Review


Our review of Nintendo’s newest title, Metroid: Other M, decides what’s good, bad and ugly about the latest entry into Nintendo’s long-running series.

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Monkeying Around with the DSiXL


Everyone’s playing the DS, right? Looks like even zoo animals are getting in on the act.

Beat Metroid, Then Watch Metroid

other m

The story in Metroid: Other M is a big deal to its developers – so much so that the game will include a movie of its story that’s accessible after finishing a playthrough.

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