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Companion Stories Have Multiple Endings in Pillars of Eternity


Choice and consequence is an element the folks at Obsidian describe as a core feature of Pillars of Eternity, and…

Pillars of Eternity Release Date Narrowed Down


We already knew that Pillars of Eternity wouldn’t make its original spring 2014 launch window, but the official ship date…

Obsidian: Uplay Not Used in South Park: The Stick of Truth


Ugh. That’s my reaction when I go to boot up Far Cry 3 or Assassin’s Creed IV and remember I…

Pillars of Eternity Character Sheet is RPG Stats Gold


Full disclosure: I am not objective about this. I’m a backer and I’m unabashedly giddy over Obsidian’s Kickstarted old-school RPG,…

New South Park: The Stick of Truth Fart Trailer Hits VGX


UPDATE Saturday, December 7, 8:45 PM: And with surprising speed, the trailer has been pulled from Youtube. It hasn’t been…

PSA: Project Eternity Team Doing Live Chat Later Today

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Head over to PC Gamer to participate.

Project Eternity Will Feature Mod Support

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A Ton of Project Eternity Details Spills Out

project eternity thumb

And we’ve collected a few of them.

Obsidian Unveils ‘Project Eternity’ On Kickstarter


Would you fund another fantasy RPG? I might!

Obsidian Has A Mysterious Countdown Site


It’s putting me to sleep!

Ten Million Dollars Generated For Games By Kickstarter


That is a healthy amount of money.

Obsidian Missed Getting New Vegas Royalties By One Metacritic Point



Fallout New Vegas Dev Thinks RPGs Are Getting Too Advanced To Be Fun


I suppose a sounder strategy is making a lackluster, unnecessary clone of a previous game.

Get Your Classic RPG On With Two Bundles Dropping Nov. 15

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Eight games. Fifty dollars.

Graphical Prowess: Fallout: New Vegas


With this guide, you could run the game on a Vault Computer.

Homosexuality and Fallout: New Vegas: A gay marriage made in gay Heaven


How homosexuality, and one gay character in particular, has given New Vegas the title of most gay-friendly game this generation.

Fallout: New Vegas Modding Tools Are Available


Well, that didn’t take long.