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Here’s What PC Needs to Do to Beat Playstation 4

playstation 4 controller thumb

Ensuring ease of use and quality content will keep PC competitive even against Sony’s next-gen juggernaut.

It Turns Out That OnLive Tech Was Sold For A Song


Hahah sucker.

Rumor: Cable Companies To Roll Out On-Demand Gaming


And I’m actually not skeptical this could work.

Nvida Cloud Gaming Honcho Sez Cloud Gaming Will Rule The World

Nvidia_logo copythumb


Hitman: Absolution Contracts Mode: Yes, It’s Great


For the first time, Hitman: Absolution seems really exciting.

OnLive Founder Out, COO Now Acting CEO


The plot thickens.

Updated: Onlive Officially Confirms Layoffs, Dissolution


This is getting bad.

OnLive Layoffs Confirmed: Full Details Forthcoming


Our thoughts go out to these guys.

Ouya Shows Full Controller, Announces Onlive Partnership



Google TV Will Have Onlive-Powered Cloud Gaming


Possibly very awesome.

Rumor: Sony Buying Either OnLive Or Gaikai


Serious business, if true.

Sony Supposedly Announcing Cloud Gaming Deal at E3, Rumor Says

onlive thumb

Could be teaming with OnLive or Gaikai to stream games to PS3s.

OnLive Launches Phone and Tablet App Today

onlive app 1

So you can get to playing right now as you sit on the toilet.

Gamestop Confirms Their Stupid Streaming Service Will Be Stupid


Thanks, but no thanks guys. Actually, you know what? Just ‘no thanks’.

OnLive Says Batman: Arkham City Demo Breaks Records in U.S., UK

arkham city mr freeze thumb

But we don’t know what the record was or what the new record is or what the OnLive context is for “a lot” of players.

OnLive Offers Free Games for Halloween Weekend


So you no longer have any reason to not play Metro 2033.

Like OnLive on Facebook so We Can All Get a Game for $1


Hurry hurry.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s DLC ‘The Missing Link’ Out Now (TRAILER)

deus ex bob page thumb

Delve back into the intrigue of 2027 once again.

OnLive Offers Another Crazy Deal, This One For 75% Off Any Game


75% off anything today.

OnLive Welcomes the UK into the Fold With a Badass Deal


They’re basically giving away games.

GameStop to Offer a Branded Android Tablet, Streaming Console Games

gamestop tablet thumb

It’s bringing a branded device to help it compete with OnLive.

Red Orchestra 2 May Be Headed to OnLive


Which would be a good thing.

GameStop Is Very, Very Sorry About Ripping Off Their Customers


Well, sorry that they were caught at least.

Everybody Gets a Free OnLive Game System at PAX


Holy cow.

OnLive Gets Parental Controls, Group Voice Chat

onlive app 1

I need this, because I have a lot of children.

GameStop Pulling OnLive Codes from PC Versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution (UPDATED)

gamestop thumb

The company admits taking out something you should receive from the package you paid for because it competes with its interests.

Get a Free OnLive Code with a PC Disc Purchase of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

deus ex 6 cover thumb

You can’t share saves between the versions, though. Bummer.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Launches Today with New Trailer

deus ex 6 cover thumb

This one is a pretty good primer for the story.

OnLive PlayPasses To Be Bundled With Retail Copies of Games?


That would be weird.

Dev: Deus Ex: Human Revolution on PC ‘is the One You Should Play’

deus ex thumb

As if you needed to be told that.

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