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Tower Defense + MOBA + CCG = Orcs Must Die! Unchained


Tower defense mixed with third-person action made for a terrific marriage in Orcs Must Die! Now Robot Entertainment has partnered…

First Booster Pack For Orcs Must Die 2 Announced



Give Orcs Must Die! 2 a Whirl with Steam Demo

The game comes out next week.

Orcs Must Die 2 Preview: Even More Orc Death


This is truly a monster rights violation.

PAX East: Get A Load Of These Orcs Must Die 2 Screenshots


Looking forward to the sequel to the cruelest of all means to treating Orcs? Of course you are. We’ll have…

Orcs Must Die! 2 Playable at PAX East With Co-op (TRAILER)

orcs must die 2 thumb

The new Orcs Must Die! adds the feature the first game should have had.

Final Orcs Must Die! DLC Now On XBLA


At last! Even if you’re reduced to a console you’re able to commit Orc genocide.

10 Great Games You Probably Didn’t Play in 2011, But Should

payday the heist 2

In a year of great games, some phenomenal offerings got overshadowed. Here’s what you’re missing.

Steam Is Having An “Autumn Sale” for Black Friday



No More Orcs Must Die! DLC


The Devs are moving on with their lives. But I NEVER WILL!

Orcs Must Die! – “Lost Adventures” DLC Pack Trailer


Orcs continue to must die.

Orcs Must Die! – Artifacts of Power DLC Pack 1 Trailer


All you need to know about the new DLC is inside.

Orcs Must Die! – Robot Entertainment Developer Diary


NOTE: Gamefront does not endorse the wholesale slaughter of all Orcs. Only the annoying ones.